Aluminum Nitride Ceramics

The thermal conductivity of AlN ceramic sheet is 180W / m.k, which is 7-10 times of that of alumina ceramic. Excellent mechanical properties, good machinability, high dimensional accuracy, smooth surface, no micro cracks, bending and so on. Low dielectric constant and dielectric loss, reliable electrical insulation performance. It is nontoxic, 1800 ℃ resistant, oil resistant, chemical resistant, and has the same coeffiffifficient of thermal expansion as silicon, no hygroscopicity, and stable performance under high temperature and high humidity conditions. With the wide development of microelectronic equipment, high thermal conductivity AlN ceramic chip as a matrix material or packaging material has been widely valued and applied.


  • High thermal conductivity, high voltage insulation.
  • High temperature and humidity resistance.
  • Good mechanical properties, high bending strength.
  • Low dielectric, effective anti electronic signal interference.


  • Optoelectronic communication device.
  • High frequency microwave application device.
  • Automotive electronics module.
  • Application of Aerospace Military Electronics.
  • LED / high power module.
Test itemUnitLT1800Test Methods
Specific Gravityg/cm33.33GB/T 2413
ThermalConductivity(25℃)W/M·K180ISO 22007-2
Dielectric Constant1MHz8~10GB/T 5594.4
Breakdown VoltageKV/mm≥17GB/T 5593
Flexural strengthMPa≥450GB/T 5593
Surface Roughnessμm0.3-0.6GB/T 6062
Water Absorption%0GB/T 3299
Volume Resistivity(20℃)Ω.cm≥1014GB/T 5594.5
Thermal Expansivity10-6 ℃-1 (20-300℃)2.0-3.0GB/T 5594.3
Thermal Expansivity10-6 ℃-1 (300-800℃)2.0-3.0GB/T 5594.3
Length*Width50.8×50.8 / 76×76 / 101.6×101.6 / 114.3×114.3 / 127×127 / 140×190

Can be customized according to the actual needs of customers unconventional size or shaped.