Application of thermally conductive silicone sheet in surveillance cameras

Application of thermally conductive silicone sheet in surveillance cameras

Surveillance camera is a semiconductor imaging device, which has the advantages of high sensitivity, anti-glare, small size, long life, and anti-shock. surveillance camera security system. The generation of pictures is mainly from CCD cameras at present, and it can also take out the stored charges to change the voltage. It has the characteristics of anti-shock and impact and is widely used.

thermal pads

Surveillance camera manufacturers have encountered such a serious problem: the pictures collected by the surveillance cameras will degrade the picture quality with the increase of temperature, and then affect the hidden problems. The operating temperature of electronic components determines the operation stability and service life of electronic products. The components that generate more heat are the image sensor, memory module, and power module. Therefore, a perfect thermal conduction solution for the camera has become a problem that manufacturers cannot ignore. How to effectively deal with the heat problem is to ensure the stable operation of the camera. one of the important factors.

Most of the cooling methods of surveillance cameras are passive cooling and automatic cooling. Passive cooling is to increase the touch area between the heat source and the air, while automatic cooling is to achieve cooling by adding a cooling device. No matter which method is adopted, it needs to pass through Thermally conductive material for heat transfer operations.

At present, the most commonly used thermal conductive material in surveillance cameras is thermal conductive silicone sheet. The compressible function of the silicone heat sink has a good shock-proof and thermal conductivity effect in the narrow interior space of the surveillance camera, and can effectively prevent the uneven thermal conductivity caused by the falling off and displacement of the thermally conductive material. question. Silicone heat sink function and low thermal impedance are the key materials for heat transfer from heat source, which can quickly transfer, export heat, and reduce the impact of temperature on components.

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