Can thermal conductive double-sided adhesive replace silicone grease? What are the advantages of thermal tape over thermal grease?

Can thermal conductive double-sided adhesive replace silicone grease? What are the advantages of thermal tape over thermal grease?

In order to solve the problem of heat dissipation of electronic and electrical products and ensure the stability and performance of products, different types of thermally conductive materials are usually used.

Thermally conductive double-sided tape is a thermally conductive material used for bonding heat sinks and other power-consuming semiconductors. effect. In terms of adhesion performance, many common thermally conductive materials are not sticky, such as thermal conductive silicone grease, which is not easy to stick to important parts of electronic products and cannot be effectively fixed on the surface of the chip. When encountering such working conditions, thermal conductive double-sided adhesive should be considered It replaces the thermal grease solution, because the thermally conductive double-sided adhesive can cleverly fill the middle with thermally conductive material, which has excellent thermal conductivity and strong viscosity, which can solve the problem of bonding and fixing electronic components.

In terms of thermal conductivity, the thermal conductivity of thermally conductive double-sided tape is better than that of general thermally conductive stickers. The thermal conductivity is high and stable. It can work for at least 5 years at room temperature, which greatly improves the life of electronic components. The only choice. In addition, the thermal conductive double-sided tape is the same as the thermal conductive silicone sheet. It can be die-cut into any shape according to the needs during production. It can be bonded with light pressure during use. The bonding strength increases with time and temperature. Has good convenience and practicality. At present, it is widely used in electronic products such as LEDs, mobile phones, computers, home appliances, and auto parts to dissipate heat.

Compared with thermal conductive silicone grease, thermal conductive double-sided adhesive has the following seven advantages:

  1. Good viscosity; in the normal use environment of lamps, the viscosity increases with the increase of temperature, there is no volatility, and the phenomenon of thermal paste drying and powdering will not occur.
  2. Good insulation performance; high voltage resistance 3KV, convenient for customers to pass the certification.
  3. Good thermal conductivity; avoids the systematic risk caused by uneven paste application (uneven heat dissipation of the light source leads to fast light decay and dead light).
  4. No need for fasteners (screws); save the cost of screws, improve the consistency of production efficiency and finished products, save workers’ working hours, and save costs from the perspective of production management.
  5. The construction is convenient, clean and fast. The product is beautiful and reflects the professionalism of the manufacturer.
  6. It is convenient for storage and does not require special environment; avoid curing, volatilization and recessive failure of the thermal conductive paste when the environmental conditions change.
  7. The size and shape can be customized; for different types of LED products, it is truly customized and dedicated to special products.

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