Computer Server Thermal Solutions

Computer Server Thermal Solutions

People often use network technology in their daily work and life. It can be said that today’s society is inseparable from communication networks. In ancient times, the connection between the south and the north could only be carried out through letters. If the distance is far, it may take several months to arrive. , and now people are connected to each other through the Internet, regardless of distance and time. As a node of the network, the computer server that stores and processes 80% of the data on the network needs to work 24 hours a day.

Computer Server

The composition of computer servers is basically similar to that of microcomputers, including processors, hard disks, memory, system buses, etc. They are specially formulated for specific network applications. There are big differences in scalability, manageability, etc.

A computer server is a kind of high-performance computer. Network terminal equipment such as microcomputers in homes and enterprises must access the Internet to obtain information, communicate with the outside world, entertainment, etc., and must also pass through the computer server. lead” these devices. A long-lasting, efficient computer server is a must for a business.

Computer Server Thermal Solutions

There are many factors that affect computer servers, and heat dissipation is one of the main factors. Computer servers are high-performance computers and machines with extremely high power consumption. A dedicated air-conditioned room.

thermal solution

The heating of computer server equipment is a phenomenon that exists widely in life, mainly because the electrical energy cannot be completely converted into the target energy, and most of the energy will be lost in the form of heat, so the machine equipment will heat up when it is running. , Air is a poor conductor of heat, and the heat transfer efficiency will decrease when passing through the air, resulting in poor heat dissipation.

thermal pad

Thermally conductive materials are designed to solve materials with low heat transfer efficiency, and there are many kinds of thermally conductive materials, such as thermally conductive silicone sheets, thermally conductive silicone grease, thermally conductive gel, thermally conductive double-sided adhesives, thermally conductive adhesives, thermally conductive silicone cloth, etc. All kinds of thermal conductive materials have their own characteristics and areas of expertise. Although they have various differences, their purpose is to improve the efficiency of heat transfer.

theraml paste

In the internal structure of the computer server, there is a gap between the heat source and the radiator. Even if there are two seemingly smooth and flat planes, there are still some potholes, and there are gaps when the two fit together, and there is a lot of air in the gaps. Therefore, the efficiency of heat transfer will be reduced, and the thermal conductive material is filled between the two, filling the large and small potholes, reducing the contact thermal resistance, so that the heat source and the radiator can be in close contact, thereby improving the heat dissipation effect, so as to ensure the machine The equipment runs stably for a long time.

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