Does Thermal Grease Conduct Electricity? Thermal Grease and Conductive Grease You Must Know

Does Thermal Grease Conduct Electricity? Thermal Grease and Conductive Grease You Must Know

Recently, a customer asked me, will the thermal grease on the LEDs, small household appliances, high-power lamps, etc. that we often use conduct electricity? In fact, this customer should be a layman. First of all, the correct answer is “thermal grease is non-conductive”. Because thermal grease is a high thermal conductivity insulating silicone material.

In addition, because silicon is insulating, insulating things must be non-conductive. We can think about the computers, TVs, mobile phones, chargers, LED lights and other related electrical products used in daily life. Thermal silicone is all insulating. If it is conductive, we will definitely be dangerous when using it. Therefore, when choosing thermal grease, we must choose a regular thermal grease with technical information, product test reports, and material safety. information, so that we can use it with confidence.

Sometimes it is easy for users to confuse thermal grease with conductive grease, thinking that thermal grease can also play a conductive role, so users should distinguish the difference between the two when inquiring about products. The following is a thermal grease manufacturer, CoolThermo, to introduce the difference between thermal grease and conductive grease.

Thermal Grease

Thermal grease is a kind of silicone grease, which is made of thermal grease-like compound by adding materials with excellent heat resistance and thermal conductivity. Thermal grease has good thermal conductivity and excellent insulation properties, and insulation is non-conductive. High-conductivity thermal grease can quickly transfer heat from electronic components.
Thermal grease is mainly used for: cpu fans, LED lights, ceramic sheets for hair straighteners, heating pipes, radiators, transistors, electronic tubes, water dispensers (ice galls), coffee machines, etc.

Conductive grease

Conductive grease is also a kind of silicone grease, also known as conductive paste. It is made of compound soap thickened ketone synthetic oil and added with special conductive additives. Conductive grease is conductive, non-corrosive, moisture-proof, thermally stable, non-toxic, Odor and other properties, has good high and low temperature performance, anti-rust and anti-discoloration properties and excellent compatibility with thermoplastics.
Conductive grease is used for electronic components and different types of metals that require electrical conductivity and anti-static performance to prevent galvanic corrosion; electrical switches, electronic contact sheets, and connectors are lubricated, improve contact conductivity, increase service life, and prevent Carbide buildup at joints.

Generally speaking, the thermal conductivity of non-metallic fillers commonly used in silicone grease is 2.0~3.0W/m·K, while the thermal conductivity of metal materials can easily reach more than 300. By adding metal powder to increase the thermal conductivity of thermal grease will be very good. However, correspondingly, because the metal has electrical conductivity, the insulating performance of the thermal grease with silver powder is very poor, and it cannot be used for some applications with insulation requirements.

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