High Thermal Conductivity Silicone Insulation Film

High thermal conductivity silicon film is a kind of thin thermal conductive insulating material with excellent comprehensive properties, which is synthesized by special process with glass fiber as the base material, thermal conductive powder and high molecular polymer. Thismaterial has the advantages of high thermal conductivity, high friction resistance, high tensile strength and smooth and high adhesion surface, which can greatly reduce the interface thermal resistance under low pressure. It is widely used in the situation of high thermal conductivity and high electrical insulation. It is suitable for fixing components with low tightening pressure. It is mainly used between the heating semiconductor device and the heat dissipation substrate for heat conduction and insulation.


  • High thermal conductivity, high voltage insulation.
  • Smooth on both sides, no stickiness, convenient for repeated assembly, reduce loss.
  • The performance of puncture resistance is outstanding in the installation and application of screw and clip.
  • Designed for applications that focus on electrical insulation.


  • Electronic control module of automobile.
  • Power / motor control.
  • Audio amplifier.
  • High frequency communication equipment.
  • Discrete devices / power semiconductors.
Test itemUnitLCV-130SLCV-160STest Methods
Thicknessmm0.23/0.30.23ASTM D374/374M
HardnessShore A85±585±5ASTM D2240
Specific Gravityg/cm32.29±0.12.31±0.1ASTM D792
Breakdown VoltageKV/mm≥5.0≥5.0ASTM D149
Temperature Resistance Range-50~200-50~200
FlameV-0V-0UL 94
Thermal ConductivityW/M·K1.31.6ASTM D5470
Tear StrengthN/25cm6055ASTM D5035
Volume ResistivityΩ·cm≥1014≥1014ASTM D257
Dielectric Constant@1MHz3.73.6ASTM D150
Thermal Impedance℃.in2/W0.530.41ASTM D5470

Basic specification: 300 mm × 50M / roll, can be cut into specific size according to the specifications.