How To Apply Thermal Adhesive Tape?

How To Apply Thermal Adhesive Tape?

Thermal adhesive tape is also called thermal tape. Thermal adhesive tape is made of acrylic polymer mixed with thermal ceramic powder, coated on both sides of glass fiber cloth, and compounded with silicone adhesive. It has the characteristics of high thermal conductivity and insulation, and has certain properties. Excellent softness, compressibility, conformability, strong viscosity, and a wide temperature range.

Thermal adhesive tape is widely used in bonding heat sinks, heat dissipation modules, CPU microprocessor heat dissipation, LED lamps and lanterns, filling the gaps between PCB, metal components and chassis, not only filling uneven surfaces, but also The heat is conducted out, and it can be used without changing any components even in a closed space, which fully reflects the thermal conductivity of this thermally conductive material and the self-adhesive properties of the pressure-sensitive adhesive tape for easy use.

So what are the steps to use the thermal adhesive tape?

The thermal adhesive tape should pay attention to the operation method when bonding. It is strictly forbidden to touch the surface with hands or other non-adhesive objects, and it is strictly forbidden to repeatedly peel it. The bonded surface should be kept clean and dry. affect the bond strength.

Auxiliary supplies: cotton cloth, industrial cleaner, rubber gloves.

Step 1: Clean the surface of the device with a lint-free cotton cloth.

Step 2: Use a cotton cloth soaked in industrial cleaner to clean the surface of the device to remove grease, and do not touch the clean surface during installation.

Step 3: Tear off the protective film on one side of the adhesive, do not touch the adhesive surface with your fingers.

Step 4: Stick it on the surface of the device, and press lightly for five seconds from the center of the bonding area to the surrounding area to ensure that the double-backed tape is in complete contact with the surface of the heat sink.

Step 5: Tear off the protective film on the other side of the backing tape and follow the same method as the third and fourth steps to make the double-backed tape and the chip stick firmly.

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