How To Apply Thermal Gel?

How To Apply Thermal Gel?

Thermal gel is currently a widely used heat dissipation product in the electronics industry. This product is mainly used in low-power heating devices, which can prevent electronic devices from overheating and malfunction for a long time. However, when many electronic industries are using thermal gel products, they are often not familiar with the performance of the products, so there are often some ridiculous low-level misoperation problems.

Different products have certain differences in the method of use. We must have the correct operation method in the process of use. These are very important to all of us, so how to correctly operate in normal times? What about using thermal gel? This is also a concern of many people. If you can have a better understanding of these aspects in advance, the subsequent use will be easier.

Before using the thermal gel, we must do a good job of surface treatment, remove those vivid substances that exist on its own surface, and do a good job of polishing through a variety of different methods, so as to improve the repaired surface as soon as possible. This kind of roughness can be properly scrubbed and cleaned with some reagents during use, so that the surface will be cleaner. In the process of application, the surface can be glued, so that it can really ensure that the color is uniform and must be used within the specified time.

After the surface treatment is done, we must apply it. When applying it, it should be relatively uniform. At the same time, we must also do a good job of anti-negative pressure, so as to ensure better filling of the material and achieve better results. If you need multiple layers of glue When using it, you should do some treatment on the surface, and then do some smearing work. During the application process, you must pay attention to the specific temperature. At the same time, you should also pay attention to the correct use method. Gel storage works.

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