How to choose high-quality high-temperature thermal grease?

How to choose high-quality high-temperature thermal grease?

Thermal grease, also known as thermal paste, is a paste made of special silicone oil as base oil, new metal oxide as filler, mixed with various functional additives, and processed by a specific process. The color is different due to different materials. Appearance.

Thermal grease has good thermal conductivity, temperature resistance and insulation properties. It is an ideal dielectric material for heat-resistant devices, and its performance is stable. It will not generate corrosive gas during use and will not affect the metal in contact. Therefore, thermal grease is widely used in electrical and electronic, household appliances, medical equipment, security equipment, aerospace, instrumentation, lighting and other industries; then, how to choose a thermal grease with stable quality is a difficulty that many users often encounter , Today, the thermal grease manufacturer will introduce to you several criteria for judging high-quality thermal grease.


Whether the fineness of thermal grease is superior can be identified from several aspects, such as uniform colloid, bright chromaticity, easy operation, no coarse ore particles in the colloid and other surface phenomena, so the selection of thermal grease appearance indicators and operability are the judgments. The first step in the quality of thermal grease; if the colloid of thermal grease is uneven, some parts are thin, some parts are thick or difficult to operate uniformly, it will lead to a decrease in heat dissipation effect, so the fineness of thermal grease is very important.

low oil separation

Oil separation is a guide for the precipitation of silicone oil after the thermal grease is kept at a specific temperature for a certain period of time, and is an index to evaluate the stability of thermal grease. Many users have found that some thermal greases have a layer of oil on the upper layer after being used for a period of time, indicating that these thermal greases are relatively poor in terms of storage stability. If there is no special process for stirring and dispersing, the heat dissipation of the product and the operation Sex will decrease.

High heat resistance

The heat resistance of thermal grease refers to the fact that the thermal grease can still maintain its excellent performance under the condition of heat and maintain a longer service life. We all know that products that can generally use thermal grease are used in high temperature environments. Environment, the better the heat resistance of thermal grease, the more durable it will be.

When purchasing thermal grease, it should be noted that only those with good fineness and low oil separation are of good quality. In addition, thermal grease is a kind of heat dissipation material that needs to be used in the manufacture of many electrical appliances. High and low temperature change performance can be better used in more fields.

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