How To Choose Insulating Material?

How To Choose Insulating Material?

The application fields of insulating materials are relatively wide, and different electrical equipment have different usage requirements. When selecting insulating materials, it is necessary to select the appropriate type according to the characteristics of the insulating material itself.

So, how to choose insulating material? What should be paid attention to when choosing insulating materials? Today, CoolThermo thermal insulation material manufacturers will introduce you to the selection methods and skills of insulation materials.

  1. Compression factor. Since many materials increase in thickness after absorbing moisture, the thickness will decrease again after drying. This has higher requirements on the compressibility of insulating materials, and can withstand various deformation and shrinkage conditions.
  2. High heat resistance. For some thermally conductive insulating materials used in specific occasions, there are certain requirements for their heat resistance grades. Such as: the application of solar panels, it has high heat resistance requirements for insulating materials. If the selected insulating material does not meet the corresponding level, it is likely to shorten the service life of the entire device.
  3. Insulation performance. Due to the wide variety of insulating materials, such as cable paper, capacitor paper, thermal insulation sheets, etc., the insulation strength is different. Among them, capacitor paper is the best, followed by cable paper. In the use of different materials, we need to have a basic parameter guide for insulation, and then select appropriate insulation materials according to these parameters.
  4. Mechanical properties. For mechanical equipment in many application fields, vibration, pulling or moving will inevitably occur during use, which makes it difficult to apply insulating materials to small parts. If the mechanical properties of the insulating material are weak, it will be damaged, thereby weakening its insulating properties. Therefore, when selecting insulating materials, it is also an important part to measure its mechanical properties.

Under the action of the electric field, the insulating material will have physical phenomena such as polarization, conductance, dielectric heating, breakdown, etc. While under the action of the electric field, it must also be affected by many factors such as mechanical and chemical, and the long-term work will appear aging phenomenon. Therefore, many faults of electrical products often occur in the insulating part. Only by choosing an insulating material with good compression performance, high heat resistance, strong insulation performance and excellent mechanical properties can long-term stable and continuous operation.

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