How To Choose The Right Thermal Pad Manufacturer?

How To Choose The Right Thermal Pad Manufacturer?

At this stage, there are thousands of thermal interface material companies in China, especially in Shenzhen and Dongguan. The quality and price are uneven. Faced with so many manufacturers, how should we choose? The following is provided by CoolThermo thermal interface material manufacturers to provide some references for the selection of thermal pad manufacturers.

First, look at the field reputation and popularity of thermal pad manufacturers

When any field develops for a certain period of time, some well-known brands will be born. Often their product quality can be guaranteed, and they will also be recognized by people in the field. The products are maintained and the service can also be maintained.

Second, look at the development history of thermal pad manufacturers

Although the field of thermal pads has only been in the field for more than 20 years, there are quite a number of manufacturers who have been in the industry for more than ten years. They are often experienced, whether it is production, research and development, or product design, after-sales service, etc. The ability to deal with various problems is very rich, and various problems can be solved quickly, so that no one can find problems like some small companies.

Third, look at the strength of thermal pads manufacturers

The strength of a manufacturer can be observed from several aspects. One is the scale of the manufacturer, including whether there is a factory that produces its own, whether there is stock in stock, and how strong R&D is. The second is the number of qualification certificates of manufacturers. Manufacturers with strong strength will also be recognized by relevant national departments. Such as ROHS, REACH, ISO, UL test reports, etc., are all requirements to test the strength of a manufacturer.

Fourth, look at the service capabilities of thermal pad manufacturers

A strong thermal silica sheet manufacturer should not only provide qualified products and the ability to solve problems, but also have a strong after-sales service team support when encountering after-sales problems, including technical door-to-door, after-sales, etc., which can best reflect a company’s Strength, some small companies can’t do this.

Fifth, look at the number of successful cases of thermal pad manufacturers

The number of successful cases determines the degree of recognition of thermal pad companies, such as Huawei, BYD, etc. From this point of view, everyone can understand the real strength of the company.

In addition to assessing the soft power of thermal pad manufacturers themselves, it is also necessary to assess the hard power of thermal pad manufacturers, such as the specifications of thermal pad products and the reliability test report of thermal pads.

Sixth, look at the specifications of the thermal pad

There are many specifications for thermal pads. It is recommended that you focus on: thermal conductivity, density, withstand voltage, hardness, tensile strength, and low molecular weight siloxane. Basically, these important parameters are available in the general thermal silica sheet specifications. Here is a little trick for you. If the thermal conductivity is relatively high, please compare the density. The higher the thermal conductivity, the density of the thermal silica sheet will be The bigger it is, it’s a very simple rule. In addition, the higher the thermal conductivity of the thermal pad, the greater the hardness and the lower the corresponding tensile strength, which can be used as a preliminary technical basis for judging the authenticity of the data. There is also the content of low-molecular-weight siloxane. Generally, the low-molecular-weight siloxane content of the thermal pad is greater than 200PPM. Basically, the oil yield of this thermal pad will be relatively high, which is unacceptable to many customers.

Seventh, look at the reliability test report of the thermal pad

Generally, it includes high temperature aging test, high and low temperature cycle test, high temperature and high humidity test. These three tests are mainly to see the thermal resistance value change of the thermal pad under certain conditions. It is suggested that you can compare the thermal resistance value on the reliability test report with the thermal resistance value on the specification. If it is basically the same, you can Mutual corroboration of the authenticity of these data.

Therefore, when we choose a manufacturer of thermal pads, we still need to choose a manufacturer of thermal silicone pads with guaranteed quality, guaranteed technology, and well-established services. Only in this way can we find suppliers that reassure enterprises.

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