How To Choose/Buy Thermal Silicone Pad

How To Choose/Buy Thermal Silicone Pad

During the operation of any electronic device, a large amount of heat energy will be generated, and these will cause damage to many parts in the device. Therefore, in most electronic devices with different functions, a large number of thermal silicone pad with good market reputation will be used. Although the silicone thermal pad can indeed play a very good role, it must be under the premise of choosing the right thermal gap filler. So, what factors should be considered when choosing a thermal silicone pad? CoolThermo analyzes the selection criteria of thermal interface material for you.


The thermal silicone pads is an accessory used between the parts in the electronic equipment. Its main function is to have a thermal conductivity effect as its name. However, because of the operation between the parts, a friction will be formed, and if the hardness of the thermal pads If it is too low, there will be hidden dangers, so the silicone thermal pads used in this position should pay more attention to whether its own hardness is more suitable, which is the guarantee to ensure that it plays a better role.


A good-quality thermally conductive silicone pad not only has good compressibility, thickness and hardness, but also must have good viscosity. This is because ordinary thermal insulation pads need to be glued on the outside during the production process. However, this method will cause the thermal resistance of this type of thermal interface material to increase, so that it cannot effectively isolate heat energy. Therefore, when choosing this type of thermally conductive product, you should pay attention to the viscosity of the thermal interface pad, because good thermally conductive silicone The stickiness of the sheet material itself will reach a higher standard.


In fact, the color of the thermal conductive pad also has an impact on its own thermal conductivity. For example, the darker the color, the better the heat absorption capacity. Such a thermal silicone pad is very suitable for use in equipment that needs to reduce the temperature, while other shallow Colored thermal conductive pad are more suitable for thermal insulation devices, so when choosing a thermal gap filler pad, you should pay attention to its own color to choose.

Although the thermal silicone pad is a seemingly simple material with little technical content, in fact, the role of this gasket is obviously more important than what people know, so learning and understanding how to correctly select the thermal gasket pay attention to its true hardness, pay attention to its own stickiness, and pay attention to three-way matters such as choosing the right one from many colors.

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