How to remove silicone adhesive sealant

How to remove silicone adhesive sealant

With the widespread use of silicone adhesive sealants, it is inevitable that they will be stained during the sizing process. Therefore, we often hear customers asking how to remove silicone adhesive sealants after curing? What can I use to clean it up? When the silicone adhesive sealant sticks to the human body, utensils or clothing, how to remove it? Don’t worry, CoolThermo technology will briefly explain it for you:

  1. When the silicone adhesive sealant is not cured, whether it sticks to the human body, utensils or clothing, it can be easily removed by washing with water, so the uncured silicone is easy to clean.
  2. If the silicone adhesive sealant has been cured, it is relatively difficult to remove. If the solidified colloid is attached to glass, ceramics, metal and other items, you can consider scrubbing with solvents such as xylene and acetone (if you don’t know these two substances, you can consider banana water, because banana water contains these two substances ); if there is less organic silica gel attached to items such as glass, you can also consider scraping it off with a scraper. If it is attached to the clothes, you can consider using a brush to brush it, if not, consider banana oil.
  1. There is also a situation where the silicone adhesive sealant sticks to the hand and cures. In this case, don’t worry, the handling is very simple. Because the silicone adhesive sealant is not sticky to the hands after curing, and the hands themselves are sweaty, so they can be removed by rubbing each other with both hands. In addition, the following four methods can also be referred to:
    (1) Use gasoline and then wash with warm water.
    (2) The water for washing nail polish can be washed.
    (3) Soak hands with vinegar, and then soak with hot water.
    (4) Alcohol can dissolve the sealant, but if it is hard and not easy to handle, soak your hands with warm water and white vinegar first, and then wipe with alcohol.

Although the removal of silicone adhesive sealant is relatively simple, we still remind everyone to pay attention to the following points:

  1. Store away from children, especially if the concentration of de-methanol silicone sealant is high, it will cause blindness.
  2. Electronic and electrical bonding and sealing silicone rubber will release small molecules during the curing process, which will slightly irritate the skin and eyes. It is recommended to use it in a well-ventilated place.
  3. In case of accidental contact with the skin, wipe it clean and then rinse with water; in case of accidental contact with the eyes, immediately rinse with water and go to the hospital for examination.

The above is a simple sharing of how to remove the silicone adhesive sealant from CoolThermo silicone and the precautions. I hope it can help everyone. To learn more about silicone, please log in to!

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