Aluminum Nitride Ceramic Substrate

  • High thermal conductivity.
  • The thermal expansion coefficient is similar to si.
  • Excellent insulating properties.
  • Lower permittivity and dielectric loss.
  • Acid corrosion resistance.

Aluminum nitride ceramics have excellent thermal conductivity (5-10 times that of alumina ceramics), low dielectric constant and dielectric loss, reliable insulation properties, excellent mechanical properties, non-toxic, high temperature resistance, chemical resistance Corrosion, and the thermal expansion coefficient is similar to that of silicon, as a new generation of ceramic materials, more and more people’s attention and attention. The aluminum nitride ceramics produced by our company are of excellent quality and international advanced level, and are widely used in communication devices, high-brightness LEDs, power electronic devices and other industries.

Aluminum Nitride Performance Index

ItemUnitVlaueTest Methods
Colorlight cyan3.2
Densityg/cm3≥3.33GB/T 2413
Thermal Conductivity20℃,W/M·K≥180GB/T 5598
Dielectric Constant1MHz8-10GB/T 5594.4
Dielectric StrengthKV/mm≥17GB/T 5593
Flexural StrengthMPa≥450GB/T 5593
CanberLength ‰≤2 
Suiface Roughness Raμm0.3-0.6GB/T 6062
Water Absorption%0GB/T 3299-1996
Volume Resistivity20℃, Ω·cm≥1014GB/T 5594.5
Thermal Expansivity10-6mm/℃20-300℃2-3GB/T 5593

Tape Casting Substrate

Using funny, low-cost, pollution-free ceramic substrate casting technology, the length and width of the product can reach 7.2″, and it can also produce ultra-thin substrates with thickness of 0.15mm, 0.2mm, 0.25mm, etc.

Product Specifications

ProductThicknessLength*Width (mm)
AIN Ceramic Substrate0.38mm50.8*50.8; 76.2*76.2; 101.6*101.6; 110*110; 114.3*114.3; 120*120; 127*127

Note: Larger, smaller, thinner and thicker products, as well as other products with special specifications can be laser processed or customized products according to customer requirements.

Thickness Tolerance

Tolerance ClassSizeStandard Tolerance
Thickness ToleranceT<1.0±0.03

Note: The thickness tolerance of aluminum nitride can meet customer requirements according to customer requirements, but the minimum can not be less than ±0.01.

Dry Pressing Wafer

The product has good insulation performance, can withstand instantaneous large current impact, high mechanical strength, high toughness, non-toxic, and fully meets EU environmental protection requirements. The maximum product diameter is 200mm, and the thickness is 1.5mm to 20mm. Shapes and specifications can be customized according to customer requirements

Regular Specification of ALN Wafer

Thickness (mm)Diameter (mm)

Polished ALN Substrate

Using advanced equipment and testing instruments, single-sided and double-sided polishing processing, the surface finish after polishing can reach RA: 0.03MM-0.05μm, no void phenomenon, the product is suitable for small size, high precision, high wiring density, stability Good devices and other products.

Machine Tooling Products – Laser Processing Product

According to customer requirements, laser processing such as scribing, drilling, and grooving can be performed. The product has high precision and good repeatability.

Length*Width Tolerance of Laser Processing

ToleranceSizeStandard Tolerance
Tolerance of Length and WidthT≤0.635+0.15
Tolerance of Hole and Line DistanceT≤0.635+0.15
Tolerance of Hole Diameter<φ5.0±0.05

96% Alumina Substrates

  • Good thermal conductivity
  • Stable insulation
  • Resistance thermal shock
  • Resistance the acid and alkali corrosion resistance

Materials Properties

ItemUnitValueTest Standart
Densityg/cm3≥3.7GB/T 2413
Thermal Conductivity20℃, W/M·K≥24GB/T 5598
Dielectric Constant1MHz9-10GB/T 5594.4
Dielectric StrengthKV/mm≥17GB/T 5593
Flexural StrengthMPa≥400GB/T 5593
CamberLength ‰≤2 
Surface Roughness Raμm0.2-0.75GB/T 6062
Water Absorption%0GB/T 3299-1996
Volume Resistivity20℃, Ω·cm≥1014GB/T 5594.5
Thermal Expansivity10-6mm/℃20-300℃6.5-7.5GB/T 5593

Tape Casting Substrate

Our company adopts high-efficiency, low-cost and pollution-free ceramic substrate casting technology. The length and width of the product can be customized according to customer needs. The main conventional thicknesses are 0.38mm, 0.5mm, 0.635mm, 1.0mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm, and other special specifications and thickness of customers according to customer requirements customized production.

Product Specifications

ProductsThicknessLength*Width (mm)
96% AL2O3 Ceramic Substrate0.3mm82*82, 120*120
0.38mm90*160, 114*114, 120*120, 130*140, 130*109, 130*150, 140*190, 140*240
2.0mm110*110, 120*120

Thickness Tolerance

Tolerance ClassSizeStandard Tolerance
Thickness ToleranceT≤0.635±0.03

Laser Processing Product

According to customer requirements, laser processing such as scribing and drilling can be carried out, and the product has high processing precision and good repeatability.

Length*Width Tolernace of Laser Processing

Tolerance ClassSizeStandard Tolerance
Tolerance of Length and WidthT≤0.635+0.15
Tolernace of Hole and Line DistanceT≤0.635+0.15
Tolerance of Hole Diameter<φ5.0±0.05

Silicon Nitride Ceramic

LT1800 developed based on ceramic material casting technology have high strength, high toughness, and high thermal conductivity. Based on these characteristics, ALN are widely used in the fifield of power semiconductor substrates that require high-reliability materials. Compared with alumina substrate or aluminum nitride substrate, it has about twice the bending strength.Compared with alumina substrate or ZTA substrate, it has more than three times thermal conductivity. High electrical insulation coeffiffifficient of thermal expansion simila to silicon.

Applications Areas

High power applications represented by new energy generation and industrial drive need reliable, scalable, high power density and low stray inductance power modules. In order to meet these requirements, HVIGBT LV100 package has been recognized and successfully applied in the industrial field.

Material Properties

Thermal Conductivity25℃ W/M·K80
Dielectric Constant1MHz8-10
Breakdown VoltageKV/mm≥15
Flexural StrengthMPa800
Warping Degree(long edge) ‰≤2
Surface Roughnessμm0.2-0.6
CTE (20-300℃)10-62.7
CTE (300-800℃)10-63.2
Volume Resistivity20℃.ù.cm7.08*1014
Moisture Absorption%0
SizeThickness (mm)0.2540.320.50.6350.
Length*Width (mm)114.3*114.3/120*120

Can be customized according to the actual needs of customers unconventional size or shaped.

Silicon Carbide Ceramic Heat Sink

  • The best electronic insulation and avoid the breeding of EMI problems.
  • Light weight book,high surface area,good heat radiation,no heat,heat fast.
  • Resistant to cold and heat shock,easy to install,no long-rerm preservation of the quality problem.
  • It is an environmentally friendly material and process product, friendly to the environment.

Silicon carbide ceramic heat sink is a green and environmentally friendly material. It belongs to a micro-porous structure. It can have 30% more porosity under the same unit area, which greatly increases the heat dissipation area in contact with the air and enhances its heat dissipation effect. At the same time, its heat capacity is small, its own heat storage is small, and its heat can be transferred to the outside world more quickly. The main features of ceramic heat sinks are: environmental protection, insulation, high voltage resistance, efficient heat dissipation, and avoid breeding EMI problems. It can effectively solve the problems of heat conduction and heat dissipation in the electronics and home appliance industries. At the same time, it is especially suitable for small and medium wattage power consumption. The design space is light, thin, short and small. It can provide technical support for the innovation and development of electronic products. with application.

Materials Properties

ItemUnitValueTest Method
Porosity%30ASTM C 373
Water Absorption%15.77ASTM D 570-98
Mohs’hardnessN/mm25-6DIN EN 101-1992
Flexural Strengthkgf/cm247.5CNS1270(1990)
Bulk Densityg/cm31.9ASTM C 373
Resistance Insulation181000VDC, 1min
Thermal ConductivityW/M·K9HOT DISK
Thermal Diffusivitymm2/s2.8HOT DISK
Max Operation Temp<700
Dielectric Withstanding VoltageKV7
Linear Thermal Expansion Coefficeent10-64.13ASTM C 373
Specific HeatMJ/m3K2.62HOT DISK
Main CompositionSIC90%↑