Low Volatile Thermal Pad

LC-E3 series heat conductive silicone sheet is a heat conductive caulking gasket with low volatility and low oil permeability. It is highly reliable, soft, with micro viscosity and easy to assemble. It shows good thermal conductivity and electrical insulation performance under low-pressure shrinkage. It is paved between the heating device and the heat sink or machine shell, extruding air to achieve full contact and form a continuous heat conduction channel. Using the heat sink or machine shell as the heat sink, the heat dissipation area can be effectively improved, so as to effectively improve the heat dissipation effect.


  • Low volatility, low oil permeability and high reliability.
  • Thermal conductive silicone grease to replace volatile pollution.
  • Natural stickiness, easy assembly, repeatable disassembly.
  • Wide thickness range, can fill any uneven size gap.
  • High electrical insulation.


  • Computer / communication equipment.
  • Laptop / tablet / PC server.
  • New energy power battery / vehicle equipment.
  • Switching power supply / UPS.
  • Video / security equipment.
  • Any heating element and radiator.
ItemUnitLC150-E3Test Method
Thicknessmm0.5-10ASTM D374/374M
Thermal ConductivityW/M·K1.5ISO 22007-2
Thermal impedance (10Psi)℃·in2/W1.153ASTM D5470
Specific Gravityg/cm32.59ASTM D792
HardnessShore 0022ASTM D2240
Breakdown VoltageKV/mm≥10ASTM D149
Volume ResistivityΩ·cm2.6*1013ASTM D257
Temperature Range-40~150
Siloxane (D3-D20)μg/g<200
Weight Loss (Volatilization, Exudation)%≤0.2@150℃240H
FlameV-0UL 94

Basic specification: 200mm * 400mm, can be cut into specific shape and size according to the use requirements. Glass fiber base material / silicon back adhesive / back adhesive can be selected.