Phase Change Material

Thermal conductive phase change material is a heat enhanced polymer, which is designed to meet the application of high terminal heat conduction. Its small thermal resistance can greatly improve the performance of heat sink. The phase change material is solid at room temperature and easy to install. It is used between the heat sink and the device. When the product phase transition temperature is reached, the material becomes liquid flow and fills the tiny irregular contact surface of the device. The ability to completely fill the interface air gap makes the PCM superior to the non flowing elastomer or graphite based heat pad. Phase change materials do not conduct electricity, but because they undergo phase change at high temperature, it is possible to make metals contact each other, so phase change materials can not be used as electrical insulation materials.


  • Low thermal resistance at low pressure.
  • Self adhesive, easy to use.
  • No radiator preheating is required.
  • Flowing but not silicone oil.
  • Less than 1% volatility.


  • Aerospace Science and technology application.
  • Refrigeration equipment such as air conditioner / refrigerator.
  • Display device.
  • Mobile communication equipment.
  • Power equipment.
CarrierAluminum foil
Thermal Impedance℃ in2/w0.0350.030.050.05
Thermal ConductivityW/M·K2.
Phase Change Temp50~6050~6050~6050~60
Specific Gravityg/cm31.
Storage temp<40<40<45<45
Temperature Range-45~125-45~125-45~125-45~125
Torage TimeMonth12241212

Can be cut into specific shape and size according to the use requirements. Glass fiber base material / silicon back adhesive / back adhesive can be selected.