Searchlight Thermal Solutions

Searchlight Thermal Solutions

Searchlight introduction:

The searchlight has a powerful light source and a concave mirror that concentrates light in a specific direction for long-distance illumination and search purposes. The output beam can be concentrated in a small solid angle (generally less than 2 degrees) by means of a mirror or lens to obtain a larger light intensity. Considering the size, weight and ease of operation of the device, most searchlights are equipped with tripods or movable vehicles, and large searchlights even have special trucks as vehicles.

Searchlight Thermal Solutions

Strong light searchlight is a kind of semiconductor that can convert electric energy into light energy. At present, the electro-optical conversion efficiency of high-power strong light searchlight is only 20%~30%, and 70%~80% of electric energy is converted into heat energy. If the heat cannot be effectively dissipated, the junction temperature of the strong light searchlight chip will rise, resulting in a red shift of the luminous wavelength, increased light decay, and shortened life. If the junction temperature is too high, the output luminous flux will decrease and affect the luminous efficiency; if the junction temperature is too high, the efficiency of the phosphor will decrease and affect the color temperature. Therefore, the problem of heat dissipation is the biggest bottleneck in the popularization and development of strong light searchlights. How to improve the heat dissipation capacity of high-power strong light searchlights is one of the key technologies to be solved urgently for industrialization.

thermal grease

Glue requirements for searchlights:

  1. The lamp cover has high bonding strength;
  2. Temperature resistance -50~150℃;
  3. Drive power potting and waterproof sealing;
  4. Environmental protection, non-toxic, no volatile VOC emissions to the environment;
  5. With routine testing certification and qualifications, circuit boards are moisture-proof, anti-static, shock-proof, dust-proof, mildew-proof and salt-fog proof.

Application scheme of adhesive for searchlight:

Glue position for searchlightGlue function categoryAdhesive Solution Features
Heater dissipates heatThermal GreaseExcellent heat resistance and thermal conductivity, good thermal conductivity, temperature range -40~200℃
drive powerPotting compoundPotting protection, insulation, moisture-proof, shock-proof, dust-proof, anti-corrosion, anti-aging
lamp coveradhesive sealantHigh bonding strength, no yellowing occurs under high temperature and strong ultraviolet rays after curing, and the material properties are stable
circuit boardThree-proof glueGood protective performance, dustproof, moistureproof, antistatic, shockproof

According to the material, shape, glue application environment and process of the searchlight, the glue application plan is different. For more detailed plans, please contact Cohetion

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