Silicon Carbide Ceramic

Ceramic heat sink is a green environmental protection material. It belongs to microporous structure, which can increase the porosity by 30% under the same unit area, greatly increasing the heat dissipation area in contact with air and enhancing its heat dissipation effffect. At the same time, its heat capacity is small, its own heat storage capacity is small, and its heat can be transmitted to the outside world more quickly. The main characteristics of ceramic heat sink are environmental protection, insulation, high voltage resistance, effiffifficient heat dissipation, and avoiding EMI problems. It can effffectively solve the heat conduction and heat dissipation problems in the electronics and home appliance industries. At the same time, it is especially suitable for products with small and medium watt power consumption and light, thin, short and small design space. It can provide technical support and application for the innovation and development of electronic products.


  • Electronic insulation and avoiding EMI problems.
  • Light weight, high surface area, good heat radiation, no heat storage and fast heat dissipation.
  • Resistant to cold and heat shock, easy to install, no quality problem of long-term storage.
  • It is an environmentally friendly material and process product, friendly to the environment.


  • LED backlight module.
  • Thin LCD ,TV, Top Box.
  • AP, Router, ADSL, Modern, S/ W and other network equipment.
  • M/B, NB, Video, Card.
  • Power module, power transistor.
Test itemUnitLP900Test Methods
Porosaty%30ASTM C 373
Water Absorption%15.77ASTM C 373
Specific Gravityg/cm31.9ASTM C 373
Resistance Insulation181000VDC,1minute
Thermal ConductivityW/M·K9ISO 22007-2
Thermal Diffusivitymm2/s2.8ISO 22007-2
Maximum Operating Temperature<700
Breakdown VoltageKV7
Thermal Expansivity10-6 ℃-14.13ASTM E228
EatSpecific HeatMJ/m3K2.62ISO 22007-2
Main CompositionSiC90%↑