Silicon Nitride Ceramic

LT1800 developed based on ceramic material casting technology have high strength, high toughness, and high thermal conductivity. Based on these characteristics, ALN are widely used in the fifield of power semiconductor substrates that require high-reliability materials. Compared with alumina substrate or aluminum nitride substrate, it has about twice the bending strength.Compared with alumina substrate or ZTA substrate, it has more than three times thermal conductivity. High electrical insulation coeffiffifficient of thermal expansion simila to silicon.


  • High thermal conductivity and low thermal resistance.
  • High strength, high toughness.
  • The friction coefficient is small and the high temperature creep is small.
  • Excellent comprehensive performance and high reliability.


  • High power applications represented by new energy generation and industrial drive need reliable, scalable, high power density and low stray inductance power modules. In order to meet these requirements, hvigbt LV100 package has been recognized and successfully applied in the industrial field.
Test itemUnitLT1800Test Methods
Appearance / ColorFine crystal/GrayVisually
Specific Gravityg/cm33.260GB/T 2413
Thermal Conductivity(25℃)W/M·K80ISO 22007-2
Dielectric Constant1MHz8~10GB/T 5594.4
Breakdown VoltageKV/mm≥15GB/T 5593
Flexural StrengthMPa800GB/T 5593
Surface Roughnessμm0.2-0.6GB/T 6062
Water Absorption%0GB/T 3299
Volume Resistivity(20℃)Ω.cm7.08*1014GB/T 5594.5
Thermal Expansivity10-6 ℃-1 (20-300℃)2.7GB/T 5594.3
Thermal Expansivity10-6 ℃-1 (300-800℃)3.2GB/T 5594.3
SIZE (mm)
Length*Width114.3*114.3 / 120*120

Can be customized according to the actual needs of customers unconventional size or shaped.