Storage Conditions For Thermal Grease

Storage Conditions For Thermal Grease

The packaging of thermal grease is divided into syringe packaging or canning. The small amount is generally syringe packaging. Most factories, such as power supply and LED industry, use canned packaging and canned thermal grease. If it is not used up at one time, usually everyone will throw the cover set aside and wait for the next use. In fact, this method is not advisable, and the storage of thermal grease is also exquisite, especially the canned thermal conductivity Silicone grease and thermal grease must be placed in a cool place after use, not in a place exposed to direct sunlight. Generally, the storage temperature of silicone grease is about 30 degrees. Do not get wet. The storage period of thermal grease is 8 months, but it does not mean that as long as the production time passes 8 months, it cannot be used. If it is stored well, it can be stored for several years. If it is not stored well, it will harden the thermal conductive silicone grease and lose its proper performance. Generally, the thermally conductive silicone grease that is well preserved will be slippery when touched by hand. On the contrary, it will be dusty. If you can rub out dust, it means that it must be unusable.

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