Synthetic Graphite Sheet

LGS1500 is a synthetic graphite heat sink. LGS1500 has a unique grain orientation, lamellar structure can be well adapted to any surface, even heat conduction along the two directions. Plane thermal conductivity of up to1900 W/m-K. LGS1500 products while also the thickness of uniform heat to provide thermal isolation. Heat shielding and components while improving the performance of consumer electronics products. LGS1500 composite graphite sheet is a polyimide sintered novel film material with high thermal conductivity and excellent product design flexibility.

Features & Benefits

  • High thermal conductivity -flat heat conductivity can be up to1900W /m-K,40% lower thermal resistance than aluminum, 20% lower than copper.
  • Ultra-light -than the same size aluminum to 30%lighter, 80%lighter than copper.
  • Thin -thickness from 0.017, 0.025mm, 0.04mm and 0.07mm.
  • Temperature resistance-using temperature up to 400 ℃ , the minimum can be lower than-40 ℃.
  • Easy processing-can be made into different die sizes, shapes and thickness, can provide planar sheet die.
  • Ease of use-graphite heat sink can be applied to any smooth flat and curved surfaces.
  • Flexibility- easily with the metal, the insulating layer or double-sided adhesive made of plywood, increase design flexibility in the back with adhesive.
Carbon Content99.90%99.90%99.90%99.90%
Thickness Tolerance±0.005mm±0.005mm±0.005mm±0.005mm
HardnessShore A 85Shore A 85Shore A 85Shore A 85
Tensile Strength650PSI650PSI650PSI650PSI
UL Fire RatingV-0V-0V-0V-0
Use Temperature-40℃~400℃-40℃~400℃-40℃~400℃-40℃~400℃
Thermal Conductivity X-Yaxis1500 W/M·K1400 W/M·K1300 W/M·K1200 W/M·K
Thermal Conductivity Z axis15 W/M·K15 W/M·K15 W/M·K15 W/M·K
Thermal Resistance0.15% (℃)0.15% (℃)0.15% (℃)0.15% (℃)
Electric Conductivity19000s/cm19000s/cm19000s/cm19000s/cm
SpecificationRoll: 150mm*200M
RemarkAdhesive and PET added available, their thickness both are 0.01mm