Advantages, disadvantages and application environment of common thermal conductive materials (thermal pads, thermal grease)

Thermal pad:

Advantages: It can fill the gap between the heating device and the radiator, the thickness that can be adjusted is large, the performance of making up tolerances is strong, the insulation is good, the compression amount is relatively large, and it has a certain shock absorption effect. The surface of the silicone sheet is slightly sticky, Strong operability and relatively long service life.
Disadvantages: The production process below 0.5MM is complicated and the cost is relatively high
Application environment: When the gap between the heating component and the heat sink is large, the heat conduction between the heating component and the casing.

thermal pads

Thermal grease:

Advantages: the product is in a semi-liquid state, the thermal conductivity is relatively high, the coating can be thin, the gap can be better filled, the contact between the heating device and the heat sink is better, the thermal resistance is relatively small, and the cost is relatively low. Silicone sheet is lower.
Disadvantages: The thickness of the coating should not be too thick, otherwise it will reduce the thermal conductivity. Generally, the thickness should not be less than 0.2MM. It is not suitable for large-scale coating. The operation is not very convenient. resistance, there is a certain volatility.
Application environment: Between the high-power heating element and the radiator, the heat-dissipating component needs to have its own fixing device.

Thermal grease

Thermal adhesive tape:

Advantages: The thickness is very low, generally below 0.3MM, has strong viscosity, and can be used to fix small radiators.
Disadvantages: The thickness should not be too thick. If the product has a certain gap, it cannot be used, and it cannot be reused. The thermal conductivity is low.
Application scenario: Between a low-power heat source and a small radiator, it is often used to fix the radiator.

Thermal adhesive tape

Phase change material:

Advantages: At room temperature, it is in sheet shape, with a thin thickness and strong operability. When a certain temperature is reached, it will change into a semi-liquid state.
Disadvantages: It is not easy to store and transport, and the cost is relatively high.
Application environment: generally used in cooling modules more.

Phase change material
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