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What is Silicone Adhesive?

What Is Silicone Adhesive?

Silicone adhesive is a kind of special adhesive, which is composed of high molecular weight linear polysiloxane mixed with filler and other additives. According to the curing temperature, it can be divided into three categories: high temperature curing, room temperature curing and low temperature curing. Among them, the room temperature curing type is composed of polysiloxane containing terminal hydroxyl groups with fillers, crosslinking agents and other additives. It is simple to operate, easy to use, and has high bonding strength. Due to its excellent properties such as high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, insulation, waterproof and weather resistance, it is widely used in spacecraft, aircraft manufacturing, electrical and electronic component manufacturing, construction, medical and health care, etc.

Introduction to the characteristics of silicone adhesives

  1. Single component, easy to use;
  2. Applicable to different vulcanization processes (plate vulcanization, vacuum vulcanization, injection machine vulcanization);
  3. Strong activity, high bonding strength, good high temperature resistance, no toxic ingredients;
  4. It has high modulus, impact resistance, vibration resistance, strong activity, high bonding strength, good high temperature resistance, good thermal stability, UV resistance; ozone resistance to chemical media, moisture resistance, weather resistance (ozone, sunlight), resistance to Chemical (acids, alkalis, oils), resistance to biological (fungal) attack, excellent electrical properties and other properties, no toxic ingredients.

The main function of silicone adhesives is to be used as glue for bonding silicone/rubber materials. Then, what main uses can silicone rubber adhesives be used in various industries?

  1. Industrial applications in electronic appliances.

Because silicone rubber has good electrical properties, and the temperature change has little effect on electrical properties, and has waterproof, moisture-proof and sealing properties, it is ideal for coating, encapsulation, pouring, casting, and horizontal plastics for electronic and electrical components. Material.

  1. Application in construction industry.

It has good adhesion and weather resistance to building materials, so it can glue and seal door and window glass, tunnels, subways, porcelain anvils, stones, cement, metal frames, etc. The application effect is good, but due to the high domestic cost, it is not suitable for large-scale use.

  1. Applications in aerospace and aircraft manufacturing.

Due to the excellent high temperature resistance and low temperature performance of room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber, it is used as an adhesive seal in aircraft doors and windows, space navigation observation windows, etc. Glass glued.

In addition, silicone rubber adhesives are also widely used in the automotive industry, shipbuilding industry, etc., especially in the “sewing” that can be used in medical equipment, human organ surgery, etc.

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