Thermal Solution for Car Navigator

Introduction of car navigator:

A car navigator is a driving assistance device that can help car users accurately locate the current driving position, calculate the itinerary according to the established destination, and guide the car user to the destination through multimedia methods such as map display and voice prompts. GPS is working.

Thermal Solution for Car Navigator

Car navigator structure:

The car navigator includes a chassis, a power supply, a core circuit board and a display panel. The chassis is usually a rectangular metal box with one end open. The power supply and the core circuit board are fixedly installed in the chassis, and the display panel is then installed in the chassis. The open end is closed; among them, the power supply is used to provide the system working voltage of the vehicle navigation system, and the core circuit board mainly provides communication, Operation, scheduling and processing functions, the display panel mainly provides display interface and input operation buttons.

Car Navigator

Glue requirements for car navigator:

  1. High bonding strength to the chassis frame;
  2. Excellent heat dissipation for heating components;
  3. Environmental protection, non-toxic, with testing certification and qualifications;
  4. Moisture-proof, anti-static, dust-proof, mildew-proof, salt-fog resistance, etc. for circuit boards.

Glue scheme for car navigator:

Glue point for car navigatorGlue function categoryFeatures of glue application
circuit boardThree-proof glueIt has excellent insulation, moisture-proof, anti-leakage, shock-proof, dust-proof, anti-corrosion, anti-aging, corona resistance and other properties
Radiator coolingThermal pad, thermal grease, thermally conductive gel, thermally conductive mudIt has excellent thermal conductivity, heat dissipation, electrical, insulation, moisture-proof, shock-proof, aging resistance, and can work for a long time in the temperature range of -40℃~180℃
PCB electronic componentsThermally conductive adhesiveStrong bonding ability, fast curing speed, resistance to alternating heat and cold, good electrical insulation, excellent acid and alkali resistance, aging resistance, UV resistance, no solvent, no pollution, no corrosion, easy to use
Chassis frame and TP screenbonding glueHigh initial strength, specific performance of wear resistance, puncture resistance, corrosion resistance, rolling resistance, flammability, non-polluting, insulation, good fixation

Due to the differences in the structure, process and application environment of the car navigation system, the glue solution for specific products may be different. If you need other glue solutions, please contact Cohetion

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