Wireless Charging And Thermal Solution

Wireless charging is a wireless charging technology that uses intelligent power-on transmission. Wireless charging technology breaks the traditional cable charging and improves the efficiency and convenience of charging. In the past 2017, mobile phone wireless charging has been widely recognized, and the utilization rate has also increased. Getting higher and higher, it once became a popular product in the mobile phone charging industry. Due to its small size, the working temperature of the internal electronic components of the wireless charger is the first thing to be solved. Shenzhen Liantengda Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of wireless charging thermal pads It can provide a complete set of wireless charging and cooling solutions for the R&D and production of wireless charging. The following is the disassembly and heat conduction application case of the wireless charger.

thermal pads
Wireless charging interface

In order to make the heat dissipation efficiency better, the bottom of the wireless charger is generally made of an integrated metal material with a non-slip pad, which can lay a good foundation for the heat dissipation of the internal electronic components, and can also play a role of non-slip and not easy to wear.

theraml conductive pad
Wireless charging back

Use an opening pick to pry open the gap along the edge of the wireless charger, and you can see the part of the internal coil, which includes the middle part where the heat is concentrated.

heating transfer
Wireless charging inside

Therefore, a temperature-controlled main probe will be installed in the middle of the coil to keep the operating temperature of the charger within a safe temperature range.

thermal sheet
Wireless charging temperature-controlled

Remove the screws of the coil metal substrate, and you can see the internal structure of the bottom case of the product. The bottom case is made of metal integral molding, which is also the key to heat dissipation. The use of metal is to better pass the heat inside the product through the bottom. The shell conducts to the outside so that the internal operating temperature is always handled in a safe state, thereby prolonging the life of the product.

thermal silicone pad
The wireless charger is attached to the thermal pad. To reduce operating temperature

Since the bottom case is connected to the electric wireless charging circuit board, all components are concentrated on one side of this PCB, and the circuit board is an irregular whole, so there is no way to directly and seamlessly connect with the bottom case, so A thermally conductive silicone sheet needs to be installed on the bottom case to fill the gap between the bottom case and the circuit board, so that the heat of the circuit board is more efficiently guided to the bottom case to dissipate heat, and it can also play the role of electromagnetic shielding.

thermal gel
Wireless charging inside PCB
thermal pads
Wireless charging bottom
thermal pads
Wireless charging overview
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