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What Are The Special Attribute Words For Thermal Adhesive Tape?

As an adhesive, thermal conductive tape is often used in product use to explain its production and use process. Let’s take a look at it.

  1. The adherend: The object to be bonded or the objects on both sides of the adhesive layer after bonding.
  2. Substrate: The material used to coat the adhesive on the surface. Also become a sticky.
  3. Adhesive layer: The adhesive layer in the adhesive part.
  4. Glue overflow: The adhesive extruded from the glue layer after the assembly is pressurized.
  5. Curing degree: The degree of chemical reaction characterized when the adhesive is cured.
  6. Aging: The phenomenon that the performance of the adhesive parts changes with time.
  1. Drying and heat conduction: The process of reducing the solvent or dispersion medium through evaporation and absorption on both sides to change the physical state of the adhesive on the adherend.
  2. Curing: The process in which the adhesive obtains and improves the properties such as bonding strength through chemical reactions (polymerization, cross-linking, etc.).
  3. Laminated: Thermally conductive double-sided In laminated products, the phenomenon of interlayer separation caused by the failure of adhesives, adherends or their interfaces.
  4. Viscous: after the adhesive contacts the adherend, a little pressure is applied immediately to form a property of considerable adhesive strength.
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