Thermal Adhesive Tape

Thermal conductive double-sided tape is a kind of double-sided tape with thermal insulation function. It has softness, compressibility, strong viscosity and tensile property. It can closely and fifirmly adhere to heat source devices and heat sink to quickly conduct heat out. Heat conductive double-sided adhesive is simple and convenient to use, which is conducive to improving production effiffifficiency. It is widely used for heat conduction and fifixation on LED lamps and low-power ICs, which can effffectively solve the fifixation problem of small radiator and replace screw fifixation, so as to achieve effffective heat dissipatio.


  • Strong adhesion, replacing screw fixation.
  • Perfect thickness standard.
  • Excellent thermal conductivity and insulation.
  • High tensile strength, easy to use.


  • Between heat sink and package chip.
  • Power circuit board.
  • Vehicle control circuit board.
  • LED light bar and metal frame.
  • It can replace hot melt adhesive, screw, fastener and other fixing methods.
Test itemUnitLCT100LCT150LCT200LCT250LCT300LCT400LCT500
180℃Peel Force (PSTC-101)N/25mm>13>14>15>16>17>18>19
Temperature Resistance (long term)120120120120120120120
Temperature Resistance (short term)180180180180180180180
Retentivity(PSTC-7) (Hour)1kg/inch/25℃>48>48>48>48>48>48>48
Breakdown Voltage DC(KV)233.555.589
Thermal ConductivityW/M.K0.
Continuous Use Temp-20~120-20~120-20~120-20~120-20~120-20~120-20~120

Basic specification: 1040mm × 25m / 50m, which can be cut into specific sizes according to the specifications.

Storage and shelf life: in order to maintain the best performance, it must be stored in the original box at the temperature of 23 ° C ± 5 ° C and the relative humidity of 60% ± 10%; In addition, use the product within 12 months from the date of production.