Thermal Gel VS Thermal Grease

Thermal Gel VS Thermal Grease

Thermal gel is an upstart thermal interface material emerging in recent years, while thermal grease is the veteran of the thermal interface material family. Both thermal gel and thermal grease are paste-like, and they represent two different grades. , many people in the industry say that there is a certain connection between the two, and they can make a better choice after understanding the difference and connection between thermal gel and thermal grease; but the production process of both has been improved at present, so it is not There is no obvious advantage or disadvantage, but it has to be said that each has advantages in specific construction and application. In view of this, CoolThermo will explain the difference between thermal gel and thermal grease with you today.

Difference 1: The construction methods of thermal gel and thermal grease are different.

Thermal gel is an ultra-high viscosity thermally conductive material. It is made of a variety of thermally conductive powders and thermally conductive silica gel after being fully matured and mixed. The entire production process is completed in a vacuum state, so there is no air in the thermal gel material. , The packaging of thermal gel is also in syringe packaging, which can be directly dispensed by an automatic glue dispenser during construction, ending the history that thermal interface materials cannot be automated production.

The thermal grease is different from the thermal gel in terms of the formula and the production process of the thermal grease itself, including the packaging method of the thermal grease is also simple canned, the construction method is usually screen printing, and some customers use more For convenience, just apply and scrape evenly. However, such a simple construction method must also be manually operated. Simply put, thermal gel can be constructed by a fully automatic dispensing process, while thermal grease can only be constructed manually.

Difference 2: The working life of thermal gel and thermal grease is different.

The thermal gel is not dry for a long time, can be compressed infinitely, and can guarantee a service life of more than 10 years with customers. Some manufacturers also call the thermal gel a liquid thermal pad. However, the life of thermal grease is the shortest among all thermal interface materials. After 1-2 years of use, thermal grease begins to dry up and pulverize. It can be completely turned into powder in no more than 5 years, and it will become dust when it is pinched by hand, and the thermal conductivity of thermal grease will also be Greatly reduced. This is also the point where thermal grease is often complained about, and it is also a fatal bottleneck for the development of thermal grease.

The thermal resistance, temperature resistance and other technical parameters of thermal gel and thermal grease are different to a certain extent, but it does not mean that any product must use thermal gel instead of silicone grease as a thermal conductive material, mainly based on The customer’s product needs to choose a relatively suitable product; thermal gel has higher requirements on the structure, so thermal gel is also considered to be a more discerning thermal conductive material, so it is used in different occasions and working conditions. limit.

Due to the higher cost of thermal gel compared to silicone grease, the general application fields are some high-tech or products with special requirements, and thermal grease is still one of the most widely used thermal conductive materials.

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