Thermal Radio Absorbing Pad

Like the traditional heat conduction interface materials, heat conduction microwave absorbing materials can be directly applied between heat source and radiator. While deriving heat, it can absorb leaked electromagnetic radiation to eliminate electromagnetic interference. The heat conduction and microwave absorbing material with both thermal and electromagnetic countermeasures can solve problems in limited space and time without shielding cover, simplify structural design and reduce cost. At the same time, the soft silica gel substrate can reduce internal stress and allowable tolerance, Make the terminal products have higher reliability design, and provide good solutions for electronic communication products in terms of heat conduction and electromagnetic shielding.


  • Dual advantages of radio absorbing and heat conduction.
  • Good surface compatibility and self-adhesive.
  • 2W measured thermal conductivity, low thermal resistance.
  • Fire rating reaches UL94 V-0.


  • Mobile communication equipment.
  • Network terminal equipment.
  • Intelligent electronic equipment.
  • Electronic communication equipment.
Test itemUnitLC200RSLC300RSTest Methods
ColorDark GrayDark GrayVisually
Thicknessmm0.5~100.5~10ASTM D374/374M
HardnessShore AO40±520~40GB/T531
Specific Gravityg/cm³4.83.17ASTM D792
Tensile StrengthMPa0.360.27ASTM D412
Elongation At Break%4040ASTM D412
Tearing StrengthKN/m1.01.0ASTM D624
Breakdown VoltageKV/mm250<2000ASTM D149
Volume resistivityΩ·cm<108<108ASTM D257
Temperature Resistance Range-40~150-40~200
FlameV-0V-0UL 94
Weight Loss%≤0.3≤0.3@150℃240H
Permittivity@1MHz309.1ASTM D150
Dielectric Dissipation@1MHz≤0.017*10-4ASTM D150
Thermal conductivityW/M·K2.03.0ISO 22007-2
Use Frequency BandGHz1-161-16GJB 2038A-2011

Can be cut into specific shape and size according to the use requirements. Glass fiber base material / silicon back adhesive / back adhesive can be selected.