Thermal Silicone Mud

Thermal conductive silica gel mud has good thermal conductivity and insulation, no flflow, no solidifification, no volatilization, high and low temperature resistance, no sticking to hands, strong plasticity, can be molded into any shape according to the demand, can be used repeatedly, easy to operate and other characteristics, and is fifilled between the uneven electronic components to be cooled and the radiator / shell, so as to make it close contact and reduce the thermal resistance, It can reduce the temperature of electroniccomponents quickly and effffectively, so as to prolong the service life of electronic components.


  • Superior chemical and mechanical stability.
  • It is easy to cooperate with the product design with great thickness variation.
  • Thermal insulation, excellent aging resistance.
  • Rubber clay shape, non stick hand, strong plasticity, repeated use.


  • LED lamp application industry.
  • Solar energy industry.
  • Back light unit.
  • LCD-TV / PDP display projection equipment.
  • Automotive electronics
Test itemUnitLCD100LCD200LCD300Test Methods
ColorOff WhiteOff WhiteOff WhiteVisually
Specific Gravityg/cm32.22.53.0ASTM D792
Continuous Use Temp-40~200-40~200-40~200
Volume ResistivityΩ·cm8.5×10126.5×10124.0×1012ASTM D257
Breakdown VoltageKV/mm≥5≥5≥7Content
Flame RatingV-0V-0V-0UL 94
Thermal ConductivityW/M·K1.02.03.0ISO 22007-2

Basic specification: 25kg / large barrel, 1kg / small barrel.