LCV Thermal Pad With Fiberglass

LCV is an excellent value thermal interface material. The material is made by coating a thermally conductive polymer on a glass fiber silicone cloth substrate, which is easy to process and assemble. Soft, high conformability can be used to fill air gaps between PC motherboards and heat sinks or metal chassis. The material’s viscoelastic properties are ideal for low-stress shock-absorbing cushioning. Single-sided adhesive, puncture resistant is an electrical insulating material used for filled thermal insulation of active or irregular pinned heaters and also for insulation and thermal conduction between high voltage bare wire devices and heat sinks.

Features & Advantages:

  • Only one side with fiberglass
  • Ultra soft ( Shore OO 6~11 )
  • Enhanced puncture, shear and tear resistance
  • High compliance, low hardness gap filling material
  • Strong electrical insulation

Typical Application:

  • Power module
  • Car battery pack
  • Power conversion equipment
  • Vehicle Equipment/Chargers
  • Where heat needs to be transferred to a rack, case, or other heat sink
Test itemsTest methodUnitLCV100
ColorVisuallyWhite / Pink
ThicknessASTM D374mm0.5~10.0
HardnessASTM D2240Shore OO6~11
DensityASTM D792g/cm32.0±0.1
Tensile StrengthASTM D412MPa≥2.5
Initial viscosity
(rolling ball method)
GB/T 4852#19±1
Breakdown voltageASTM D149KV/mm≥10
Temperature range/-40~150
Weight loss@150℃240H%≤0.3
Dielectric constantASTM D150@1MHz5.2
Thermal ConductivityISO 22007-2W/m·K1.0±0.1

Basic specifications: 200mm×400mm, 300mm×400mm; can be cut into specific sizes according to the specifications.

Item: Compression Ratio

1. Detection environment:

   Temperature:23.3℃;  Humidity:52%R.H;

2. Testing Equipment:

Device nameDevice modelCalibration validity
Interface material thermal resistance and thermal conductivity measuring instrumentLW-9389May 26, 2022

3. Test standard:

ASTM D5470-17 Test method for thermal conductivity of thermally conductive electrical insulating materials

4. Detection conditions:

  Sample size: length and width = 25.4mm × 25.4mm, thickness 3.40mm

5.Test results:

Sample modelPressure(psi) Compression ratio(%)

6. Detection curve: