Thermal solution for electric toothbrush

Thermal solution for electric toothbrush

Technology is developing in the era of progress, and toothbrushes are also being updated. From the previous manual toothbrush to the current electric toothbrush, this has become an inevitable trend; the electric toothbrush was first invented by a Swiss doctor and has a history of more than 60 years. . The working principle of the electric toothbrush is to use the high-speed vibrating movement to drive the brush head to rotate or vibrate, so as to achieve the effect of cleaning teeth.

electric toothbrush

The electric toothbrush is a tool for cleaning teeth. It consists of a rechargeable dry battery, a micro DC motor, a battery box, a toothbrush head, a metal guard and a sleeve; the dry battery as the DC motor power source is installed in the battery box together with the DC motor. There is a manual switch for controlling the on-off of the DC motor power; the DC motor shaft extends out of the battery box, the toothbrush head and the metal shield are sleeved on the DC motor shaft, and there is a sleeve outside the toothbrush head and the metal shield.

Thermal solution for electric toothbrush

In order to better solve the application and production problems of electric toothbrushes, it is required to improve the performance of electric toothbrushes as much as possible in a limited space. In addition to optimizing the structural design, safer and environmentally friendly adhesives are also required.

Glue requirements for electric toothbrushes:

  1. Comply with food grade testing
  2. Suitable for high bonding strength of casing parts
  3. Potting waterproof insulation for the power supply of the charger base
  4. Environmental protection, non-toxic, with routine testing certification and qualifications

Glue application solutions for electric toothbrushes:

dot with glueglue programProgram Features
charger basePotting AB gluePotting protection, and has the properties of insulation, waterproof, oil-proof, dust-proof, anti-theft, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, thermal shock resistance, etc.
Button panel and caseSilicone adhesive sealantHigh bonding strength, good sealing, environmentally friendly and non-toxic glue, routine testing certification and qualification
Silicone buttons and caseinstant glueFast curing, high bonding strength, wide bonding surface, good bonding ability to most materials

According to the structure, material, shape, sizing environment and process of electric toothbrush products, the specific glue requirements are also different.

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