Thermal solution for industrial computer

Thermal solution for industrial computer

Today’s society is the era of informationization. Fully automated assembly lines, intelligent parking lot management systems, housekeeping service robots, industrial machine tools and other automated machines and equipment are flooded with all aspects of life and production, bringing convenience and high efficiency to people. The applications that devices need are, so to speak, their brains.

industrial computer

Industrial control computer (IPC) is an industrial control computer, which is a general term for tools that use a bus structure to detect and control the production process, electromechanical equipment, and process equipment. IPCs have important computer attributes and features, such as computer motherboards, CPUs, hard disks, memory, peripherals and interfaces, as well as operating systems, control networks and protocols, computing power, and friendly man-machine interface. The products and technologies of the industrial control industry are very special and belong to intermediate products, providing stable, reliable, embedded and intelligent industrial computers for other industries.

Thermal solution for industrial computer

The industrial computer is an operating platform based on an embedded system, which can realize the functions of the widely used industrial computers, tablet computers, man-machine interface and other products. Work for a long time, so it needs to have excellent battery life and stability, as well as efficient heat dissipation.


The heating problem of machinery and equipment is the key that has always affected its performance. In reality, the conversion of energy cannot be completely converted, and some unavoidable factors will cause some energy to be lost, and some of this energy will be lost. Most of it is lost in the form of heat. High temperature is one of the main factors that cause the performance of the body to fail. Too high temperature can easily cause the body to crash and even cause safety hazards.

thermal gel

The industrial computer is a device that communicates with people. Many of its designs are mainly embedded, so the internal space is relatively small, and many integrated circuits, semiconductors, electronic components and other parts are designed to be arranged in the space, and Most industrial computers need to run for a long time for 24 hours, so their working environment is very harsh, and their heat dissipation performance is also required to catch up.

thermal pads

It is not enough to use the radiator alone for the heat dissipation of the machine and equipment, because the heat dissipation effect of installing the radiator alone is very poor, because there is a lot of air between the heat source and the radiator, and the air is a poor conductor of heat, so the light installation of the radiator is a No, it needs to be filled with thermally conductive material between the two.

Thermally conductive material is a kind of thermal conductivity material that can effectively reduce the contact thermal resistance of the interface, improve the heat transfer efficiency, and thus improve the heat dissipation effect. , so that the heat can be transferred to the surface of the heat sink faster.

thermal adhesive tape

There are many types of thermally conductive materials, such as thermally conductive silicone sheet, thermally conductive silicone grease, thermally conductive silicone cloth, thermally conductive double-sided adhesive, thermally conductive gel, thermally conductive potting glue, thermally conductive adhesive sealant, etc. Each thermally conductive material has its own characteristics and characteristics. In the field of expertise, with the help of thermal conductive materials, the heat dissipation capacity of industrial computers has been further improved.

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