Thermal solution for ozone therapy device

Thermal solution for ozone therapy device

Overview of Ozone Therapy Apparatus:

Ozone instrument is also called ozone tester, ozone therapy instrument, etc.
The ozone meter uses low-temperature plasma technology and bioengineering technology to instantaneously decompose the gas in the air into effective components such as ozone and a large number of active molecules, and directly kill bacterial propagules, spore viruses and fungi (kill rate 99.9%). above), promotes the growth of new healthy cells.

hermal solution for ozone therapy device

Ozone therapy device structure:

The ozone therapy instrument includes an operation panel, a control panel, a power supply, an air pump, and an ozone generating chamber. There are multiple ceramic ozone generating sheets built into the ozone generating chamber. A dryer is installed on the inlet pipe of the air pump. The air pump, power supply and solenoid valve are respectively connected with the control board. The ozone output port of the ozone generating chamber is connected with at least one output pipeline, which is connected with the ozone fumigator through the solenoid valve installed on the pipeline. The ozone output port can also be connected with gas-water mixing The mixed ozone water output can be used for disinfection and treatment; the advantages are simple structure, convenient operation, multi-channel output and simultaneous treatment of skin diseases of multiple patients, high efficiency and good curative effect.

Glue requirements for ozone therapy equipment:

  1. Strong adhesion and fixation to components;
  2. Excellent heat dissipation for heating components;
  3. Environmental protection, non-toxic, with routine testing certification and qualifications;
  4. Moisture-proof, anti-static, dust-proof, mildew-proof, salt-fog resistance, etc. for circuit boards.

Glue scheme for ozone therapy device:

Glue position for ozone therapy deviceGlue function categoryAdhesive Solution Features
Cooling componentsThermal grease thermal pasteExcellent thermal conductivity, good insulation effect, moisture-proof, dust-proof, anti-corrosion, shock-proof and other properties
Plastics and Metalsadhesive sealantGood adhesion, good sealing effect, high and low temperature resistance, good resistance to stress changes
Electronic Componentsfixing glueStrong adhesion and fixation to electronic components, excellent dielectric properties and good heat resistance
circuit boardThree-proof glueGood protective performance, with moisture-proof, anti-static, dust-proof, anti-mold, salt spray resistance and other properties

Due to the different operating environment, structure and process of the actual ozone therapy device, the glue application plan is different. For more detailed plans, please contact Cohetion

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