Thermal solution for vehicle air conditioner

Thermal solution for vehicle air conditioner

Introduction of car air conditioner:

Vehicle air conditioner is composed of compressor, condenser, throttling element, evaporator, fan and necessary control components.

Most car air conditioners use heating elements such as compressors or frequency converters or DC-DC converters.

Thermal solution for vehicle air conditioner

The heat dissipation and cooling structure of the heating element of the vehicle air conditioner mainly includes a low temperature cavity, a heating element cavity, a fan, and a heating element arranged on the heating element cavity.

vehicle air conditioner

In order to produce products with better performance, car air conditioner companies need to consider suitable adhesive solutions in addition to optimizing the product structure design of car air conditioners.

Adhesive requirements for car air conditioners:

  1. Strong adhesion and fixation to components;
  2. Excellent heat dissipation for heating components;
  3. Environmental protection, non-toxic, with testing certification and qualifications;
  4. Moisture-proof, anti-static, dust-proof, mildew-proof, salt-fog resistance, etc. for circuit boards.

Glue scheme for vehicle air conditioner:

dot with glueglue programProgram Features
Radiator coolingThermal GreaseIt has good thermal conductivity, temperature resistance and insulation properties. It is an ideal dielectric material for heat-resistant devices, and its performance is stable. It will not generate corrosive gas during use and will not affect the metal it contacts.
Electronic Componentsadhesive sealantHigh bonding strength, environmental protection, non-toxic, excellent anti-cold and heat alternating performance, anti-aging performance and electrical insulation performance, excellent moisture resistance, shock resistance, corona resistance, anti-leakage performance.
With testing certification and qualification
circuit boardThree-proof glueGood protection performance and high and low temperature resistance, need to be moisture-proof, anti-static, shock-proof, dust-proof, mildew-proof, anti-salt spray and other properties

According to the structure, material, shape, sizing environment and process of vehicle air-conditioning products, the specific glue requirements are also different. For more glue solutions and quotations, please contact Cohetion.

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