Two Component Thermal Conductive Gel

Two component thermal conductive gel is a preformed thermal gap filling material, which can be solidifified at room temperature or high temperature to form a flflexible and thermally conductive elastomer, which is formed with the shape of the structure. After curing, it is equivalent to the thermal conductive silicone gasket. It mainly meets the requirements of low pressure and high compression modulus. It can realize automatic dispensing production with high effiffifficiency. It has good contact with electronic products, increases effffective contact area and reduces contact thermal resistance. It can automatically fifill the gap and compress infifinitely. It is suitable for heat dissipation modules or electronic components with large thickness variation.


  • High thermal conductivity, low thermal resistance, good wettability.
  • Lower assembly stress, easy to operate.
  • High reliability, after curing, it is equivalent to thermal pad, no volatilization.
  • Automatic dispensing adjustment of any thickness.
  • After curing, the modulus is low, which greatly reduces the stress caused by thermal expansion and the damage caused by vibration.


  • Network terminal /5g mobile phone communication.
  • New energy battery.
  • Automotive electronic application equipment.
  • Electronic medical / power equipment.
  • Between fragile components and housing.
Test itemUnitLCF200LCF300LCF380LCF500LCF600LCF800Test Methods
Color A/BWhite /BlueWhite /BlueWhite /PinkWhite /GrayWhite /GrayWhite /GrayVisual
Extrusion Rateg/min30254020151090psi@φ1.85mm
Mixing ratio1:11:11:11:11:11:1ASTM D149
HardnessShore 0050±1050±1050±1050±1050±1050±10ASTM D2240
Specific Gravityg/cm32.803.093.313.203.263.07ASTM D792
Thermal ConductivityW/M·K2.0±0.23.0±0.33.8±0.35.0±0.36.0±0.38.0±0.3ISO 22007
Breakdown VoltageKV/mm≥10≥7.5≥7≥7≥10≥8ASTM D149
Volume ResistivityΩ·cm1×10121.38*10146*10114*10111*10135*1012ASTM D257
Weight Loss%≤0.3≤0.3≤0.3≤0.3≤0.3≤0.3@150℃240H
Continuous Use Temp-40~200-40~200-40~200-40~200-40~200-40~200
Flame RatingV-0V-0V-0V-0V-0V-0Content
Surface Dry Timemin454545454545ASTM C679

Package description: the two-component thermal conductive adhesive is divided into manual operation type and dispensing type. The manual operation type of two-component thermal conductive adhesive is generally divided into 50ml AB hose package (25ml A / b each), which is suitable for single hand operation; The two-component thermal conductive adhesive for dispensing is generallypacked in 400ml AB hose, and can also be separately packed in 10kg / barrel of glue a and 10kg / barrel of glue B according to the needs of dispensing machine.