What are the applications of thermal conductive gel in the LED industry?

What are the applications of thermal conductive gel in the LED industry?

Thermal Gel is a soft silicone gel void filling pad. It has the characteristics of softness, almost no stress between devices, and low thermal resistance. It is widely used in LED LCD backlight tubes, LED TVs, and LED lamps. When used, it has excellent thermal conductivity and retains its extremely soft characteristics.

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LED is a new generation of solid-state lighting technology. It has energy saving, environmental protection, fast response, and can work in high-speed switching conditions. It is often used to make advertisements or video displays. Because the luminous efficiency of LEDs is low, most of the energy is converted into heat energy, resulting in a great danger of over-temperature in the LED lamp driver chip, which affects the luminous effect and service life of LEDs. In order to ensure the reliability of the use of LED lights, it is necessary to implement heat dissipation planning for the LED display.

Under the background of the development of electronic products in the direction of high density, miniaturization and high reliability, heat accumulation affects the reliability and service life of the driving power supply. The LED display will generate heat during use, especially the outdoor LED display, because the environment in which it is used requires very high brightness, so the heat generated is also very large. In practical application, increasing the heat dissipation of the LED display not only effectively increases the heat dissipation power of the LED display, but also saves electricity, and is more conducive to increasing the service life of the LED display and ensuring the display effect.

The power module, display chip and backlight module in the led display all need heat conduction. The largest heat source is the power supply component. The power supply component is generally forced to dissipate heat. Heat dissipation gel is used between the battery pack and the aluminum back cover to directly transmit the temperature to the back cover. The back cover will be made of aluminum with the entire LED display. The components are connected and exchange heat with the air. It can also use heat pipes to dissipate heat, and use heat pipe technology to conduct heat from the LED display chip to the shell heat dissipation fins.

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