What are the characterization forms of the curing time of thermally conductive potting compounds?

What are the characterization forms of the curing time of thermally conductive potting compounds?

The control of the curing time of thermally conductive potting glue plays an important role in the sizing operation and application performance verification of the product, so what curing process time should we focus on? Or in what form? Today CoolThermo will introduce several of them to you.

First, the operation time

The operation time is also the working time or the use time, which is expressed as the thermal conductive potting glue A, and the B component products are mixed in proportion and evenly mixed and then the glue filling operation starts. The glue filling time should be controlled within the time when the glue is difficult to level. Some users in order to save time, a large amount of glue is dispensed at one time. As a result, the glue can not be used within the operation time, but the glue is still poured, resulting in the appearance of the front product is very beautiful. However, there are many problems such as wrinkling, unevenness, bubbling, etc. in the latter part of the product, all of which are due to the lack of understanding of the role of product operation time control. important.

Second, the initial solidification time

The initial solidification time is when the thermal conductive potting glue is poured, and when it enters the reaction state, the molding effect is achieved, but there is no hardness. The purpose of this operation is to facilitate the collection of materials or the next process. If you do not understand the preliminary product The curing time, when the material is received in advance, will be fixed and displaced and cannot be recovered, which will greatly reduce the function of bonding, fixing and protecting product components or other items. Therefore, understanding the initial curing time is a guarantee. A favorable guarantee for the next process.

Third, the complete curing time

The complete curing time is the time when the product is cured, and the overall state reaches a stable effect. It can also be expressed as the complete curing time, which reflects the time when the product’s performance reaches the best after curing. Some users propose thermal conductivity when doing reliability tests or electrical performance tests. The high temperature resistance, electrical properties, temperature resistance and other properties of the potting glue do not meet the requirements. At this time, whether the glue is completely cured and tested is one of the reasons, or whether the glue has reached the best curing state. Therefore, the user must conduct the test after the complete curing time specified by TDS when making the final simulation test.

I believe that everyone has understood the time control of several key times in the curing stage of thermally conductive potting adhesives in the application process. You should also want to know how to ensure the accuracy of the operating time, initial curing time, and complete curing time of thermally conductive potting adhesives, and how to avoid them. The external factors that affect these times, CoolThermo will further share with you the actual on-site case, enter www.coolthermo.com, you can also get the information you want to know.

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