What are the contents of the aging test of silicone adhesive sealants? What is the function?

What are the contents of the aging test of silicone adhesive sealants? What is the function?

Whether it is a user or a manufacturer, the ultimate purpose of aging tests for silicone adhesive sealants is to predict the service life of the product and compare the quality of durability of different products. So what are the common contents of the aging resistance test of silicone adhesive sealants? Today CoolThermo shares with you the following.

  1. High temperature baking
    What products are silicone adhesive sealants used in high temperature environments? In the lighting industry, high temperature is generated after the lamp emits light; household appliances, induction cookers, and electric irons are also used at high temperatures. Therefore, if the silicone adhesive sealant is used on such products for a long time, how long the application performance can be maintained, the high temperature aging test can be identified. After the test, the qualitative analysis is to check whether there is still adhesion, and the quantitative analysis is to test the adhesion attenuation percentage. Nuofeng recommends quantitative analysis after the test, which is more comparative and is conducive to user selection and manufacturer technology optimization. .
  2. Ultraviolet radiation
    Silicone adhesive sealants need to be tested for UV aging, mainly products with a transparent appearance. Some lighting products need to be filled with adhesive sealants and covered. If the color changes under the irradiation of different light sources for a long time, then It will lead to a decrease in the light transmittance of the glue and a decrease in the light intensity of the lighting product. Therefore, the biggest purpose of the UV aging test is to verify the color change time and discoloration resistance.
  1. Moisture and heat aging
    Water resistance is one of the functions in the application process of silicone adhesive sealants, and damp-heat aging is also a test to verify the waterproofness. The addition of moisture erosion damage in the middle is to test whether the performance in this environment can maintain the specified requirements. Such as camera products.

The function of the aging test of silicone adhesive sealants is to prevent the early failure of product application functions. Users can judge or compare the differences in product performance through aging test results. Adhesive manufacturers analyze the technical capabilities of products through aging tests, so as to To optimize and improve, so the aging test of silicone adhesive sealant is also to ensure the reliable performance of the product after application.

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