What Are The Electronic Adhesive Glues?

What Are The Electronic Adhesive Glues?

Electronic adhesive is a kind of application classification of adhesive glue, which is used in industry to connect the same material or different materials with adhesive. Generally speaking, industrial glue has the characteristics of high strength, wide applicable temperature and temperature range, high strength, wide viscosity selection range, low price, and easy production. Because of its convenient use and high efficiency, it replaces many cumbersome fixing methods. So, do you know what are the commonly used electronic adhesive glues? Today, CoolThermo Technology will introduce the commonly used electronic adhesive glue classification.

Silicone adhesive sealant

Silicone sealant is a thixotropic micro-collapse room temperature curing one-component silicone adhesive sealant, non-corrosive to most metals, with excellent resistance to cold and heat alternating, aging resistance and electrical insulation. , Excellent moisture resistance, shock resistance, corona resistance, leakage resistance, flame retardant properties. Widely used in lighting, small household appliances, circuit boards, electronic components, switching power supply areas, bonding sealing and mechanical bonding sealing.

Silicone Potting Compound

Silicone potting compound is a low-viscosity flame-retardant two-component silicone adhesive. It can be cured at room temperature or heated. It has the characteristics of faster curing with higher temperature. This series of products does not produce any by-products during the curing reaction, and can be applied to the surfaces of PC, PP, ABS, PVC and other materials and metals. It is suitable for heat conduction, insulation, waterproof and flame retardant of electronic accessories. Its flame retardancy can reach UL94-V0 level. It can be used in the environment of -40 ℃ to 200 ℃. It is widely used in power modules, deep potting of electronic components, especially Suitable for HID power module potting.

Conductive adhesive

Conductive silver glue is widely used in electronic products due to its functions such as electrical conductivity and electromagnetic shielding, especially in mobile phones and wireless communications. It is almost always used in anti-interference circuits for high-frequency signals.

Instant adhesive

One-component adhesive, also known as instant glue or quick-drying glue, can be cured instantly after the viscosity object, generally ranging from 10-60 seconds, can have different viscosities, and has good adhesion to metal, plastic and rubber The main applications are earphones, data cables, selfie sticks, mobile phone buttons, etc., mobile phone shells, etc.

Epoxy Adhesive

It can be one-component or two-component acrylic resin, epoxy resin, and has two curing methods: heating and room temperature curing. It has the advantages of high shear strength, fast fixing, high temperature and high humidity, impact resistance, weather resistance and so on. It has high bond strength to most substrates and can bond metals, plastics, rubber, glass, etc. The main applications are the bonding and mutual bonding of mobile phone tablet back shells, notebook shells, and large-area shells.

Hot melt structural adhesive

There are many kinds of hot-melt adhesives, and PUR hot-melt adhesive is one of the best. It has strong cohesive force. It is also called hot-melt structural adhesive. It is a moisture-curing adhesive. Because it is irreversible after curing, it is more resistant to high Low temperature is widely used in electronic products, such as mobile phone tablet screen, TP frame, metal and plastic shell bonding, and most product screen bonding.

Polyurethane type adhesive

One-component or two-component adhesives have good bonding properties to thermoplastic and thermosetting plastics with slight surface treatment. There are three curing methods: catalytic curing, thermal curing, and evaporative solvent curing. Generally, the curing is slow. Has good flexibility and durability.

Anaerobic glue

One-component adhesive/sealant that cures only in the absence of air. Used for thread locking, cylindrical retention, pipe thread sealing, flat sealing, etc.

UV shadowless glue

UV curing adhesive is one-component, solvent-free, also known as shadowless glue or UV curing glue. It has a long operating time and can be cured in 10 seconds under UV light. This advantage makes it widely used. The disadvantage is that at least there are Transparent on one side. Applications include solder joint reinforcement, cable reinforcement, fixation, and coating.

The above is the introduction of commonly used electronic adhesive glue. The introduction of commonly used adhesives and glues such as UV shadowless glue, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of the commonly used adhesives and glues. Only by understanding various types of adhesives and glues can we more accurately select the appropriate adhesives and glues that meet the requirements in practical applications.

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