What are the main applications of thermally conductive gel? Application introduction of thermal conductive gel

What are the main applications of thermally conductive gel? Application introduction of thermal conductive gel

As a relatively practical high-performance thermal conductive material, the emerging thermally conductive gel has been widely used in many fields. Although the curing time and thermal conductivity of the products produced by different thermal gel manufacturers are different, as long as the operation is strictly in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, the thermal gel can be used better. So what are the main applications of thermally conductive gel?

Thermally conductive modules for making automotive electronics

The typical application of high thermal conductivity gel is as a heat transfer material between the drive module components and the casing in automotive electronics, such as in the control of automotive engine control units, automotive stills, automotive fuel pumps, and power steering modules, which are often used. This emerging thermally conductive gel ensures the heat dissipation of the car.

Driving power for LED bulbs

At present, in LED lamps, it is often necessary to use a two-component thermally conductive gel to encapsulate them. In the LED bulb, the thermal conductive gel can partially fill the power supply, so as to effectively dissipate the heat, avoid the problem of uneven heat dissipation of the power supply and the replacement problem, thereby saving costs for the enterprise.

Heat dissipation for chips

Many electronic devices need to use a variety of chips, and the chips also need good heat dissipation during long-term use. The thermal gel of the stars can achieve good heat dissipation and heat conduction, so that the chips are more Good for cooling.

Cooling for mobile phone processors

As we all know, after a long time of continuous use, the mobile phone will also have a certain heating phenomenon, and the serious heating phenomenon may lead to safety problems. to dissipate heat.

In addition, thermally conductive gels are often used in the design of UAV cooling modules. In addition, the reliable thermal conductive gel is also widely used in high-performance servers and various communication system equipment. The thermal conductive gel provides efficient thermal conductivity services for these electronic devices, thereby ensuring good and effective heat dissipation of the equipment.

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