What Brand Of Thermal Grease Is Good? What Is The Thermal Conductivity? How To Choose High Quality Thermal Grease?

What Brand Of Thermal Grease Is Good? What Is The Thermal Conductivity? How To Choose High Quality Thermal Grease?

Thermal grease is a spacer material that fills the heat source and the heat sink. Its function is to transmit the heat emitted by the CPU through the heat sink, so as to keep the temperature of the CPU at a level that can work stably and prevent the CPU from being damaged due to poor heat dissipation. Extend the life of electrical devices.

With the update and iteration of artificial intelligence products, heat-dissipating thermal grease is widely used in new energy, military, medical, aviation, shipbuilding, electronics, automobiles, instruments, power supplies, high-speed rail and other intelligent manufacturing industries; Fat brand manufacturers have sprung up like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, and they have poured into this industry; in the face of so many brand manufacturers, how do we choose?

Which brand of thermal grease is good?

It doesn’t matter what brand of thermal grease you choose, what matters is that the quality is guaranteed. When you are not sure about a brand product, you can buy a small amount for a small-scale test, so as to know whether the quality is good or not and whether it can meet the product performance requirements. Under normal circumstances, the products of the brand have quality assurance, but it is still recommended to choose affordable products with guaranteed quality and a wide range of uses.

What is the thermal conductivity of thermal grease?

There is a gap in thermal conductivity between high thermal conductivity thermal grease and low thermal conductivity thermal grease, and the gap is still very large. According to the data of CoolThermo experimental test, the largest gap between them is 15℃, and the smallest gap is also 11%. ℃; in the same thermal grease with high thermal conductivity, the higher the thermal conductivity, the better the thermal conductivity. So for ordinary users, is it necessary to choose thermal grease with high thermal conductivity?

CoolThermo heat dissipation thermal grease manufacturers think that it is not necessarily. If you only use the computer to do office work and watch TV shows, then ordinary thermal grease is not a problem. Generally, the thermal grease that comes with the radiator is enough. For users with overclocking needs or high-end platforms, it is very necessary to choose a thermal grease with high thermal conductivity, and the higher the better (without considering the price).

On the whole, there is also a gap between thermal grease with high thermal conductivity, but the gap is relatively small. For users with affluent economy, it is not wrong to buy thermal grease with high thermal conductivity directly.

How to buy high-quality thermal grease?

  1. Observe the thermal conductivity. The thermal conductivity of the thermal grease is very important. If the thermal conductivity is too low or too high, the thermal conductivity of the thermal grease cannot be exerted normally. When purchasing, you need to choose according to the product. If you don’t understand, you can consult a professional.
  2. Insulation is very important. Thermal grease is a material used in electrical appliances, and it is in the state of paste. At this time, it must have insulating properties, which can ensure that electrical appliances are safer to use.
  3. The temperature resistance cannot be ignored. When purchasing thermal grease for a product, you must first understand where the product is used. If it is used in harsh environments or environments with temperature requirements, you need to buy thermal grease with strong temperature resistance.

When purchasing thermal grease, you need to pay attention to the above items. However, because the current demand for heat dissipation silicone grease is very large, there are various brands or various prices. Users need to pay attention when purchasing, that is, whether the metal materials will corrode for a long time. If this requirement cannot be met , then no matter how cheap the price and the best thermal conductivity, the thermal grease cannot be used.

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