What do you need to consider when choosing the right potting compound?

What do you need to consider when choosing the right potting compound?

Electronic potting compound is used to potting electronic components to avoid direct exposure of components to the air, prevent components from being corroded by the environment, improve the service life of components, and achieve the functions of waterproof, dustproof and thermal conductivity. Electronic potting glue usually has three materials: epoxy resin, silicone and polyurethane. The electronic potting glue used on different components will also be different. In the face of so many types of potting glue, we should How to choose the brand potting glue suitable for your product?

Coolthermo tells you that we can consider the following:

  1. Electrical and insulating properties (silicon is the best, followed by polyurethane, epoxy resin is the worst);
  2. Resistance to cold and heat changes (silicon is the best, followed by polyurethane, epoxy resin is the worst);
  3. After potting, the temperature it needs to withstand (if the temperature is around 100 °C, then epoxy resin and polyurethane can be used, and silicone can withstand high and low temperatures of -40 °C to 200 °C);
  4. Thermal conductivity (both epoxy and silicone have good thermal conductivity, polyurethane is the worst);

In addition to the above factors, we can also consider other considerations, such as the internal stress of the components, outdoor use or indoor use, stress conditions, whether flame retardant, color requirements, and manual or automatic potting are required. and many more.

Today, Coolthermo has sorted out the famous suppliers of various types of potting compounds in my country for you to choose and use.

Silicone encapsulant: Dow Corning Chemical

Dow Corning is a joint venture between The Dow Chemical Company and Corning Incorporated equally. Headquartered in Midland, Michigan, the company has 45 production bases and warehousing facilities around the world and more than 12,000 employees worldwide. Innovation is at the heart of Dow Corning’s business. The company spends about 4-5% of sales on research and development each year and has about 4,500 active patents worldwide. Dow Corning’s global operations follow the American Chemistry Council’s Responsible Care program. Responsible Care is a rigorous set of standards developed to promote and ensure the safe management of chemical products and processes and processes.

Polyurethane potting glue: there is a line · shark

For the past 17 years, Youxing Shark has been focusing on the R&D and manufacturing of new environmentally friendly adhesives, new environmentally friendly coatings and new environmentally friendly chemical raw materials. During the 17 years of development, the company has its own independent research and development building, and has obtained more than 12 national invention patents. With two production bases in Chedun and Caojing Town, Youxing.Shark has become a well-known brand in the industry.

Epoxy resin encapsulant: Huitian new material

Huitian Rubber Industry has strong scientific research strength. It has four R&D centers in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hubei. Among them, scientific researchers account for 60% of the total number of employees, and employees with doctoral and master degrees or above account for 20% of the total number of employees. The group has developed 8 categories of products with more than 40 series and more than 400 specifications, which are widely used in automobile, machinery, construction, electronics, aerospace, metallurgy and other industries.
The main products of Huitian Adhesive Industry are high-performance silicone, acrylate adhesive, anaerobic adhesive, epoxy adhesive, polyurethane adhesive and other five categories, more than 40 series, and more than 300 kinds of engineering adhesives. It is widely used in the manufacture and maintenance of vehicles, industries, electronic appliances and other industries, as well as emerging industries and fields such as wind and solar power generation, and high-speed railways. Products through SGS, UL, FDA and other certification.

Silicone encapsulant: Sibao Technology

Chengdu Sibao Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 1998, mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of new materials such as silicone sealants. A GEM listed company.
Silicon Treasure Technology has R&D centers in Chengdu and Shenzhen, and national innovation platforms such as the National Enterprise Technology Center, the National Prefabricated Building Industry Base, and the National Laboratory Accreditation (CNAS) Inspection Center. “Green Factory”; “Silicon Treasure” was recognized as “China Famous Trademark” by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce; the company took the lead in undertaking the national key R&D project; won two provincial and ministerial-level scientific and technological progress first prizes and the highest honor in China’s intellectual property field— – China Patent Award; approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as a “Single Champion Demonstration Enterprise of Manufacturing Industry”. Up to now, the company has obtained 254 authorized patents, including 3 American invention patents and 1 Japanese invention patent; leading and participating in the formulation of 182 international, national and industry standards.

Silicone Potting Compound: CoolThermo

CoolThermo is an independent domestic brand enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales and service in the field of comprehensive thermal interface materials. It was founded in 2010. The business covers potting adhesive, thermal conductive adhesive, adhesive, thermal conductive silicone and other products, innovating customer production process, efficiency and quality, reducing costs, and achieving win-win development.

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