What is a potting compound? What are the benefits of pouring potting glue for electronic products?

What is a potting compound? What are the benefits of pouring potting glue for electronic products?

Potting compound is to pour the liquid resin compound into the device equipped with electronic components and circuits by mechanical or manual methods, and solidify it into a thermosetting polymer insulating material with excellent performance under normal temperature or heating conditions.

Potting glue is used for bonding, sealing, potting and coating protection of electronic components. The potting glue is liquid before curing and has fluidity. The viscosity of the glue varies according to the material, performance and production process of the product. The potting compound can realize its use value only after it is completely cured. There are many types of electronic potting adhesives. According to the material type, there are mainly three types of the most commonly used ones, namely epoxy resin potting adhesive, silicone resin potting adhesive, and polyurethane potting adhesive. These three materials Potting glue can be subdivided into hundreds of different products. Potting glue has been widely used in the electronic device manufacturing industry and is an indispensable and important insulating material in the electronic industry.

With the rapid development of electronic products, the precision of electronic products is also constantly improving. In order to reduce the failure of electronic products and improve the service life of electronic products, manufacturers will pour electronic potting glue into electronic products. What are the benefits of encapsulation for electronic products?

  1. Drop resistance: If an electronic product is dropped, it is likely to cause the electronic product to be reimbursed. Electronic products use electronic potting glue, which can increase the elasticity of electronic products and improve the anti-drop performance of electronic products.
  2. Water resistance: Electronic products filled with electronic potting glue have better waterproof function. Even if the electronic product slips into the water, it can prevent moisture from invading the main board of the electronic product, preventing water from entering the interior and damaging the battery, memory, main board, etc.
  3. Seismic performance: Some electronic products are used together in environments with a high vibration ratio. Electronic potting glue has good elasticity, and pouring electronic potting glue can effectively improve the seismic performance of electronic products. In a relatively large vibration environment, electronic products still maintain good performance.
  4. Extend the service life: Electronic potting glue not only has waterproof function, but also has the functions of heat conduction, dustproof and heat dissipation, so as to ensure that electronic products can adapt to various use environments.

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