What is high temperature tape? What are the types of high temperature tapes? What are the factors that affect the use of high temperature tape?

What is high temperature tape? What are the types of high temperature tapes? What are the factors that affect the use of high temperature tape?

What is high temperature tape?

High temperature tape, that is, the adhesive tape used in high temperature working environment. Mainly used in the electronic industry, the temperature resistance is usually between 120 degrees and 260 degrees. It is often used for painting, varnishing leather processing, painting and masking and fixing in the process of electronic parts, printed circuit boards and high-temperature treatment masking.

What kinds of high temperature tapes are there?

  1. High temperature resistant masking tape

High temperature masking tape is mainly used for sealing, baking paint, spray painting, packaging and fixing, building decoration and other industries, as well as the spray shielding protection of high temperature baking paint such as plastic and metal parts.

  1. Teflon high temperature tape

Teflon high temperature tape can be widely used in packaging, thermoplastics, composite materials, heat sealing, electrical and electronic industries. If the fabric is reinforced with Teflon high temperature tape, it will have higher strength properties and can be used in industries such as sizing machines, thermoplastic release rolls, etc.

  1. Polyimide high temperature tape

Polyimide high temperature tape is widely used for welding protection, high temperature insulation and binding of transformer coils; capacitor insulation materials, PCB gold finger high temperature spray shielding protection, and mobile phone lithium battery manufacturing and binding. Polyimide high temperature insulating tape is based on polyimide film and is coated with high temperature resistant silica gel, which has extremely high temperature resistance and can be used to protect gold fingers during reflow soldering.

  1. PET high temperature tape

PET high temperature tape is mainly used for high temperature spray shielding protection and insulation of electronic products, automotive industry, coatings and other products, and there is no residual adhesive after being made. At the same time, it can also be used for the production of fixed printed circuit boards, electronic parts, resistors and capacitors, as well as household appliances, machinery, electronics and other industries that require high temperature coating protection, high temperature bonding and fixing.

Reasons why high temperature tape cannot be used normally

  1. Types of adherends. The adherends of different materials have different internal molecular structures and different surface roughness, which affect the bonding effect of the product. The PET high-temperature tape suitable for adhesion should be selected according to the surface roughness of the adherend.
  2. There are foreign objects on the surface. Dust, oil stains, water stains and other foreign objects on the surface of the adherend will make the PET high temperature tape unable to be used normally, so the surface of the adherend needs to be cleaned before use.
  3. Adhesive pressure. When pasting PET high-temperature tape, the applied pressure directly affects the tightness of the adhesive tape and the adherend.
  4. Use the environment. As we all know, PET high temperature tape is suitable for use in high temperature environment. If the temperature is too low, PET high temperature tape will not be used normally.
  5. Other reasons. Such as product expiration, unqualified storage environment, mismatch of process parameters, etc.

When it is found that the high-temperature tape cannot be used normally, you can find out the reasons according to the above situations, so as to solve the problem.

Five factors affecting the use of high temperature tape

  1. The temperature of the high-temperature tape also has a certain influence on the double-sided tape: whether the tape is resistant to high temperature, low temperature, and shear resistance after heating in the short term or long term;
  2. The influence of high temperature tape on other external factors are: color, transparency, odor, thickness, filling degree, fogging, insulation and so on.
  3. Processing related to: high temperature tape die-cutting performance, manual tearing, tear resistance is related to mechanical processing, elasticity, fluidity, dissociation performance, resetting performance, residual glue residue, repeated use, etc.;
  4. Environmental impact: Solvent, moisture, moisture, plasticizer, sunlight or ultraviolet rays, aging, etc. will affect the adhesiveness of double-sided tape;
  5. External force of high temperature tape: affected by peel strength, professional term refers to the influence of polar materials, non-polar materials and rough surface materials, initial adhesion, initial and final peel strength, top shear force, shear resistance strength, tensile strength, shock resistance, etc.

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