What Is RTV Adhesive? What Are The Characteristics Of RTV Glue?

What Is RTV Adhesive? What Are The Characteristics Of RTV Glue?

RTV adhesive is a room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber adhesive, RTV is the abbreviation of English (Room Temperature Vulcanized Silicone Rubber), a silicone rubber that can be vulcanized at room temperature. Silicone rubber is a straight-chain high-molecular-weight polysiloxane with a molecular weight of more than 150,000. Its structural form is similar to that of silicone oil. Usually, both ends of its molecular chain contain active groups such as hydroxyl and vinyl. Low.

RTV adhesive is prepared by compounding components such as silicone rubber, cross-linking agent and filler. There are two kinds of one-component RTV adhesive and two-component RTV adhesive. RTV silicone glue has a long storage period and stable performance. It can bond common metal and non-metal materials, so it is suitable for bonding and sealing between various metals and between metal and non-metal materials.

Introduction to The Characteristics of RTV Silicone Glue

  1. After curing, the RTV silicone glue thermal gel presents an elastic colloid. The elastic colloid can play a protective role when it vibrates and is not easy to break.
  2. RTV silicone glue is more convenient to vulcanize. Whether it is a one-component product or a two-component product, it can be vulcanized at room temperature. It can be cured without heat treatment, and it will not shrink or release toxic substances after curing. , performance safety is guaranteed.
  3. RTV glue also has the characteristics of long-term storage resistance. The shelf life is 12 months. During the storage period, as long as there is no air or moisture, the performance is the same as before, and the bonding strength is strong.
  4. The reason why RTV glue thermal gel can be used in electrical appliances is that it has good electrical insulation properties after curing. It is suitable for -60 ℃ ~ 200 ℃ working temperature, can meet the electrical insulation requirements, and is safer to use, even if the electrical appliance is short-circuited , and will not cause a fire.
  5. RTV gel glue has a wide range of applications, not only for bonding and fixing electrical components, but also for bonding electrical or electronic instrument housings. After curing, the waterproof performance is very good, and it will not change after many years of use.
  6. RTV silicone glue does not have any corrosiveness. Although RTV silicone is a kind of adhesive, it will not corrode metal, ceramics, plastics and circuits after curing, and it has no effect on the human body. For this, big brand products Do better, such as CoolThermo, focus on the research of rtv silicone glue, provide customized rtv silicone glue application solutions, widely used, can be used in new energy, military, medical, aviation, ships, electronics, automobiles, instruments , power supply, high-speed rail and other industries.

RTV silicone glue is now an indispensable material in the manufacturing process of electrical appliances, electronics, automobiles, instruments and other fields. If the construction volume is large, it can be purchased in large quantities, as long as you pay attention to storage.

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