What is Structural Adhesive? Introduction to the types, characteristics and applications of structural adhesives

What is Structural Adhesive? Introduction to the types, characteristics and applications of structural adhesives

There are many places where structural glue is used in our lives. It can stick two different things together, and there are many types of glues on the market. Many people may have heard more about structural adhesives, but they don’t know much about them. Now, Nuofeng NFION will take you to learn about it.

What is Structural Adhesive?

Structural adhesives are adhesives used to withstand strong structural bonds. The structural adhesive has high strength, the compressive strength is greater than 65MPa, the steel-steel positive tensile bond strength is greater than 30MPa, and the shear strength is greater than 18MPa, and the structural adhesive can withstand large loads. It is worth mentioning that structural adhesives have relatively strong anti-aging, fatigue resistance and corrosion resistance properties, and their performance is relatively stable in service life.

Adhesives that are not structural adhesives generally have low strength and poor durability. They can only be used for general or temporary bonding, sealing or fixing, and cannot be used for bonding structural parts. The structural adhesive has relatively high strength, strong impact resistance, and a relatively simple construction process. It is generally used in the connection between different materials such as metal, ceramics, plastic, wood, and rubber, and can also replace part of welding, riveting, riveting, etc. In the form of traditional connection such as bolted connection, and the stress of its joint surface is uniform, it does not have any influence and deformation on the parts.

Types, characteristics and applications of structural adhesives

High viscosity general purpose structural adhesive

  1. Non-mixed high-viscosity glue, good flexibility, general-purpose product, high peel resistance and impact strength.
  2. Fast curing, high strength. It is used for metal sheets and porous materials such as stone and wood that require bending and elasticity. Bonds almost all materials except soft rubber, including metals, wood, ferrites, ceramics and plastics.
  3. Can be equipped with accelerator.

Low viscosity general purpose structural adhesive

  1. Low viscosity, good fluidity, fast curing;
  2. It has solvent resistance and is suitable for bonding rigid materials metal and metal, glass or plastic.

Impact resistant structural adhesive

  1. Strong, flexible and high impact resistance. When used for bonding surface flat materials, it is an ideal glue for filling large gaps with accelerators.
  2. It provides the strength of epoxy resin and the curing speed of cyanoacrylate.
  3. Its solvent resistance can be improved upon request.

High temperature resistant structural adhesive

The main application is the bonding application of permanent magnets to motors, providing strong and durable bonding, with excellent impact and peel resistance, and temperature resistance can reach 150 ℃.

Fast curing structural adhesive

  1. It is used for bonding rigid materials, such as ferrite to the electroplated metal parts of motors or speaker parts, and also suitable for bonding metal and glass.
  2. High-strength multi-purpose adhesive, which can provide the strength of epoxy resin and the curing speed of instant adhesive.
  3. Good solvent resistance.
  4. Suitable for occasions requiring quick fixation.

Thermally conductive structural adhesive

  1. It can replace the bolt components, simplify the structure, reduce the weight, and improve the energy of the battery pack per unit volume;
  2. High bonding strength, ≥8 MPa, can withstand 12m free fall, superimposed 120 km/h vehicle speed disaster impact;
  3. The flame retardant grade is UL 94-VO, which can be extinguished immediately after leaving the fire;
  4. The service temperature is as low as -45°C, the rated temperature is up to 175°C, and the short-term can withstand 250°C.
  5. Breakdown strength ≥ 10kV/mm, up to 14 kV/mm;
  6. Suitable for dispensing machine, automatic dispensing production line is more efficient.
  7. It can be used for thermal insulation, sealing and bonding of lightweight and super-strong structures of various electrical and mechanical systems, especially for the bonding and insulation of interfaces of highly integrated structural parts in new energy vehicles, aerospace, rail transit and other fields.

After reading what is structural adhesive? After the introduction of the types, characteristics and applications of structural adhesives, you must have a certain understanding of structural adhesives. If you are interested in structural adhesive products, you can consult the online customer service of CoolThermo official website.

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