What is substrateless thermal double-sided tape? What is the function of substrateless thermal tape? What are the features?

What is substrateless thermal double-sided tape? What is the function of substrateless thermal tape? What are the features?

Double-sided tape is well-known as a daily packaging material, and it is very convenient to use. It is deeply loved by us and has a wide range of applications. Double-sided adhesives can be divided into substrate double-sided adhesives and non-substrate double-sided adhesives according to the substrate. The previous CoolThermo thermal conductive silica gel introduced organic double-sided adhesives “What is thermally conductive double-sided adhesive? The content of “Introduction to the Process Principle and Application Characteristics of Thermal Double-sided Adhesive Tape”, today Nuofeng Thermal Conductive Silica Gel will share it!

Overview of Double-sided Adhesives Without Substrates

The double-sided tape without substrate is made of water-resistant kraft paper, white glassine paper or transparent PET that is directly coated with acrylic adhesive and then attached with polymer coating without any medium. The color of this tape is transparent, The thickness is very thin, has good bonding ability, can effectively prevent falling off, has good waterproof performance, can be processed, strong temperature resistance, dimensional stability, thermal stability, good chemical stability.

The substrate-free thermally conductive double-sided adhesive comprises: an adhesive tape and a release film, the release films are arranged on both sides of the adhesive tape; the adhesive tape is composed of a colloidal matrix and a thermally conductive material, and the colloidal matrix is pressed into a sheet shape. The non-substrate thermally conductive double-sided adhesive has the advantages of high reliability, good thermal conductivity, high temperature resistance, convenient manufacture, easy pasting, convenient punching, and low price. At the same time, it has a broad market prospect in the electronics industry.

Characteristics of non-substrate double-sided tape

  1. Colorless, transparent pure film tape;
  2. Initial stickiness, good continuous stickiness;
  3. High cohesion, good plasticization resistance and excellent die-cutting performance;
  4. No glue residue, glue overflow, chemical stability, resistance to organic solvents, disinfectants, oils, weak acids, salt erosion;
  5. It can be used in various harsh environments for a long time.

Substrate-free double-sided tape application

  1. Nameplates, labels, signs: used in screen printing, advertising, aviation, medical and industrial equipment, automobiles, home appliances, electronic markets and other industries;
  2. Soft board FPC: used in mobile phones, notebook computers, PDAs, digital cameras, LCMs and other electronic products;
  3. Membrane switches: membrane switches of flexible, rigid, concave and convex categories;
  4. Shockproof foam: good initial viscosity and stickiness, high cohesion, and good plasticization resistance.

When using double-sided tape without substrate, attach the tape to the surface to be bonded, and after pressing, peel off the release paper, which provides strong adhesion, high temperature resistance, high solubility, and excellent weather resistance. It is effective when combined with various substances, and the punching processability is also good.

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