What Is The Role Of Adhesives In Car? Application Analysis Of Adhesives In Automobile Manufacturing Industry?

What Is The Role Of Adhesives In Car? Application Analysis Of Adhesives In Automobile Manufacturing Industry?

The demand for automotive adhesives and sealants is growing rapidly. Adhesives and sealants for automobiles are an important auxiliary material for automobile production. With the development of automobiles in the direction of lightweight, high-speed energy saving, safety and comfort, low cost, long life and pollution-free applications are becoming more and more important.

In terms of glues for automobile manufacturing, the average dosage of organic silica gel is 300g/vehicle, the average dosage of polyurethane glue is 900g/vehicle, acrylate is 66g/vehicle, and anaerobic adhesive is 120g/vehicle; The average amount of silica gel is 60g/vehicle, and the average amount of polyurethane glue is 40g/vehicle.

The application of adhesives and bonding technology in automobile manufacturing can not only enhance automobile structure, fasten rust prevention, heat insulation and vibration reduction, interior and exterior decoration, etc., but also replace traditional processes such as welding and riveting in certain parts, simplify production processes and optimize products. structure. Therefore, adhesives play an increasingly important role in the lightweight, energy saving and consumption reduction of automobiles, prolonging service life and improving performance.

From the perspective of the working parts and functions involved in the entire automobile manufacturing process, automotive adhesives can be roughly divided into adhesives for welding processes, adhesives for painting processes, adhesives for interior parts, adhesives for assembly parts, and special adhesives. Craft glue and other five categories.

Adhesive parts for automotive applications

  1. Seat pressure sensor
  2. Car lights
  3. Car antenna
  4. Filter
  5. Door sensor
  6. Door switch
  7. Rearview mirror
  8. Ignition module
  9. Harness
  10. Car anti-theft coil
  11. Electronic accessories
  12. Tire pressure sensor
  13. Seat heating device
  14. Car remote control
  15. Seat belt sensor

Among them, the glue for welding process is mainly used to replace spot welding or reduce welding points, and play the role of strengthening structure, sealing and rust prevention, vibration reduction and noise reduction. Its main varieties are:

Hemming adhesive: It is used in crimping structures such as doors, hoods, and trunk lids. It has high bonding strength and has completely replaced spot welding structures. One-component epoxy resin is generally used for this kind of glue, and the dosage for a bicycle is about 200g;

Spot welding sealant: It is pre-applied on the overlapping parts of the steel plate welding, and the gap is filled after spot welding to ensure sealing and prevent rust. For those parts that are masked after assembly and difficult to apply weld sealant, spot welding sealant is even more indispensable;

Expansion damping glue: This kind of glue is often used between the inner and outer panels of the door, between the outer body cover and the reinforcing ribs. It is generally made of synthetic rubber or resin and combined with a foaming agent. After curing and expansion, the cover can be combined with the reinforcing rib to play the role of vibration reduction and noise reduction.

There are not many varieties of glue used in the coating process, but it is the most used type in automobiles. Among them, the truck is about 2kg, and the car is more than 5kg. It is mainly used for automobile sealing, leakage prevention, rust prevention and buffering of sand and gravel to the chassis when the car is running at high speed. impact and reduce the noise in the car, such as pvc plastisol and its modified products.

Adhesives for interior parts are mainly used in body roof, door inner panel waterproof membrane and windshield lining, etc., to increase the beauty of the car, enhance the rigidity of the body, and seal, such as neoprene, butyl, and polyurethane glue. Wait.

The glues used for assembly parts mainly include anaerobic glue, silicone sealant, etc., which are mainly used in the assembly of automobile engines, gearboxes and chassis.

In addition, in the process of automobile manufacturing, some special process adhesives, such as phenolic resin adhesive used for the bonding of brake shoes and friction linings, are also used, which can replace riveting and have reliable bonding strength, which can reduce noise and prolong friction lining. Service life and other functions; the pressure-sensitive tape used in the car assembly process can protect the car itself from pollution, bump damage, or assist in fixing and positioning when assembling parts.

With the development of the automotive industry, automotive adhesives are developing rapidly from variety to output. The automotive industry has high requirements for the quality, performance and safety of adhesives. Domestic adhesive products are relatively backward and have a single variety, which is difficult to meet the demand. It is necessary to import a large number of high-quality and high-performance adhesives. Therefore, efforts to develop high-quality, high-performance adhesives to meet the needs of the automotive industry are expected to yield high returns. The market demand for automotive adhesives is promising.

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