What is the role of electronic potting compound? Why do electronic products use potting glue for potting protection?

What is the role of electronic potting compound? Why do electronic products use potting glue for potting protection?

With the vigorous development of the electronic industry, people pay more attention to the stability of products, and have more stringent requirements for the weather resistance of electronic products. Therefore, more and more electronic products now need to be potted, and the potted electronic products can enhance their performance. Waterproof ability, shock resistance and heat dissipation performance, protect electronic products from the erosion of natural environment and prolong their service life. Today, CoolThermo will explain to you what is the role of electronic potting glue? Why do electronic products use potting glue for potting protection?

Electronic potting glue can strengthen the integrity of electronic devices, improve the resistance to external shock and vibration; improve the insulation properties between internal components and lines, which is conducive to the miniaturization and light weight of devices; avoid direct exposure of components and lines, and improve the device waterproof and moisture-proof performance. It has been widely used in the manufacturing of electronic devices and is an indispensable and important insulating material in the electronic industry.

With the rapid development of electronic products, the precision of electronic products is also continuously improved, which can easily cause the junction temperature of electronic components to overheat, cause electronic products to malfunction, and affect the service life of electronic products. In order to solve this situation, manufacturers generally pour electronic potting glue into electronic products as a thermal conductive material to efficiently conduct the temperature inside the electronic product to the heat dissipation shell, thereby improving the heat dissipation capacity of the electronic product. It can be seen that one of the reasons for the use of potting glue in electronic products is that in addition to the shock resistance of the cured package, it must also have good thermal conductivity and heat resistance.

It is worth mentioning that the use of potting glue for electronic products is because the potting glue has excellent performance characteristics during the potting process and after it is fully cured. When potting, the viscosity is small, the impregnation is strong, and it can be filled with components and caulking. The glue of each component is easy to store and has a long pot life. It is suitable for large-scale automatic production line operations. During the curing process, the powder components such as fillers settle very quickly. Small and not layered. After complete curing, it has the properties of flame retardant, weather resistance, thermal conductivity, high and low temperature resistance, waterproof and so on. The cured product has excellent electrical and mechanical properties, good heat resistance, low water absorption and linear expansion coefficient.

The waterproof function in the performance of potting glue can be effectively reflected in some electronic products. For example, in the process of washing clothes, electronic products such as mobile phones are more likely to slip into the water. etc. The injury is undoubtedly fatal while filling the electronic potting compound. It can prevent moisture from entering the battery, memory, and motherboard. Of course, there are differences in the waterproof performance of different brands of electronic potting compounds, so it is very important to buy high-quality electronic potting compounds. Solutions, the strength is trustworthy.

Electronic products are sometimes used in environments with relatively large vibrations, and electronic potting compounds have good elasticity, which can effectively improve the shock resistance of electronic products. In a relatively large vibration environment, electronic products still maintain good performance. Electronic potting glue not only has the functions mentioned above, but also has the functions of dustproof and heat dissipation. This ensures that the electronic product is used in an excellent environment, which is very helpful for extending the service life of the electronic product.

What is the function of the above electronic potting glue? Why do electronic products use potting glue for potting protection? For more information about potting adhesives, please visit www.coolthermo.com to view!

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